The Hybrid+ Experience
Fuller Theological Seminary Online Masters Degree Option Hybrid Plus - Video
In an effort to provide students with a number of residential course options, Fuller Seminary offers Hybrid Plus (also known as Hybrid+) courses as unique alternatives for establishing residency. Hybrid+ courses begin as online courses with a total of nine weeks of online coursework, while one week of the quarter is spent face-to-face on a Fuller campus. Hybrid+ courses are comprised of two online/face-to-face classes held concurrently, so you can earn 8 units of residency in a single week on campus when you complete both courses.

In addition to class time, Hybrid+ offers a rich community-building experience, including lunch with students and staff as well as evening sessions with discussions designed to offer spiritual and community formation. While Hybrid+ classes are full of formative participation, they are also intense. Students should be prepared to be committed each day from 8am-8pm, Monday-Friday, for the entire face-to-face week.
In addition to class time, the format will include lunch each day with students and faculty, as well as evening sessions offering prayer, worship, and discussion. These faculty-led discussions are designed to offer online students an opportunity for spiritual and community formation.

Hybrid+ Courses

Course Combinations

Course 1: IS500 Practices of Vocational Formation
Course 2: OT500 Old Testament Introduction

Course 1: IS502 Practices of Community
Course 2: NT500 New Testament Introduction

Course 1: IS503 Practice of Mission
Course 2: HT500 God and Christ: Historical Development (TH1)

Course 1: PR500 Homiletics
Course 2: LD500 Leadership (LDR)

Course 1: 4-unit Preaching Practicum (P1)
Course 2: PM504 Pastoral Care (PC)

Next Offering by Combination:


Term Location
Winter 2016 Orange County, CA
Spring 2016 Phoenix, AZ
Fall 2016 Sacramento, CA
Winter 2017 Seattle, CA
Summer 2017 Pasadena, CA


Term Location
Fall 2015 Sacramento, CA
Winter 2016 Seattle, WA
Summer 2016 Pasadena, CA
Fall 2016 Colorado Springs, CO
Spring 2017 Houston, TX
Summer 2017 Menlo Park, CA


Term Location
Fall 2015 Colorado Springs, CO
Spring 2016 Houston, TX
Summer 2016 Menlo Park, CA
Winter 2017 Irvine, CA
Spring 2017 Phoenix, AZ


Term Location
Winter 2016 Pasadena, CA
Summer 2016 Seattle, CA
Fall 2016 Houston, TX

Preaching Practicum/PM504

Term Location
Winter 2017 Pasadena, CA
Spring 2017 Seattle, WA

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