Rey Diaz

On the outskirts of Tegucigalpa, Honduras sits a massive garbage dump in which thousands of families live and work. This community is plagued by poverty, violence, the mafia, gangs and drugs, the sex trade, and all sorts of tragic evil. This context is not fit for anyone - especially children. I am privileged to work with a ministry called "Amor, Fe, y Esperanza" which serves these children and families and dreams of transformation with them. I work with local, indigenous leadership to reach out to families in the dump, to provide a holistic education center, a church-planting movement, and soon a self-organized community with dignified houses for dump dwellers.

Attempting such an audacious dream requires God's help and wisdom. I studied at both the School of Intercultural Studies and the School of Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary but felt that I lacked the research skills to innovate in a community with such deeply embedded issues. My wife and I both felt called to Honduras and we were eager to minister there. Once I heard about the DMiss cohort program, everything started to make sense. The DMiss program allows me the opportunity to continue studying and yet remain in full-time ministry in Honduras. The DMiss program provided an ideal situation to deal with the garbage dump community that has served as my missional focus and research subject. The program is helping our team answer the question: how do we bring about transformation in the garbage dump community of Tegucigalpa, Honduras? The members of my cohort have provided constant support and godly guidance through this journey. I have built deep friendships with my classmates over the course of four wonderful years. I truly believe the garbage dump community will experience the power of the gospel and I owe much to the training I received in the DMiss program.

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