Degree Overview (MAGL)

Pastors, missionaries, and non-profit leaders in the MAGL learn together (online and face-to-face), sharpening, strengthening and encouraging one another as a cohort, or community of learning, under the tutelage of seasoned faculty and support staff. This unique learning experience is a hallmark of the program.

The 18 course curriculum (72 unit program) includes a 9-course cohort sequence which covers character development, biblical theology of mission, contemporary culture, missional church, leadership training and organizational dynamics; and 9 electives which provide the opportunity to further enhance biblical, theological and cultural understandings. MAGL meets the prerequisite courses necessary for the Doctor of Missiology degree, a cohort-format, applied research doctoral program.

Degree Description

72  Quarter Units:

Typical Students

The MA in Global Leadership degree-offered primarily online-is designed for those who are already in some form of pastoral, parachurch, nonprofit or mission ministry who desire to strengthen their leadership. Students in this program have a minimum of 4 years of leadership experience and a current ministry role in the church, parachurch, mission or the marketplace.

Cohort Based Learning

Unique to the MAGL is journeying with fellow leaders as a cohort community, coming face-to-face two times during the program, sharpening, supporting and learning from one another.


The complete MA in Global Leadership degree can be earned online except for one two-week visit in Colorado Springs (Seminar 1) and one in Pasadena (Seminar II). Elective courses can be taken online or at any Fuller Campus.

Normal Progression

There are flexible options for completing this degree: The 9 course cohort sequence (36 units) must be taken one course per quarter with the same cohort. The cohort sequence includes 5 online courses and 4 seminar courses taken during two, two-week campus visits. The 9 electives can be taken online or at any Fuller campus and can be taken at the same time as the cohort sequence or subsequently.

The MA in Global Leadership degree can be completed in just over two years of full-time study. Many pursue the elective part of the program subsequent to the cohort sequence and thereby extend their study over a longer period of time.

Online Options

Students take 5 of the 9 cohort sequence courses online. The remaining 9 electives may all be taken online.

Further Studies

The MAGL meets the prerequisite courses for the Doctor of Missiology (DMiss)/Doctor of Intercultural Studies (DICS).

Optional Emphases in the MAGL

Students wishing to pursue an emphasis should confer with the MAGL Academic Services Administrator regarding the availability of courses required to fulfill a particular emphasis, as well as the various modes (online, on campus, etc) available for said courses.

Areas of Emphasis

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