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Charles Fleming

Affiliate Assistant Professor of Leadership [teaches ML565 A/B in MAGL/teaches Module 3 in DMiss]


Background & Current Ministry

I have worked for Grace Communion International (formerly, Worldwide Church of God) for over 33 years in a variety of roles: as a church pastor in Jamaica (1978-1991); as Caribbean regional administrator (1991-1996); as a mission developer in Latin America and the Caribbean (1996-2006); and as Caribbean Superintendent of Missions since 2006.

In 1995 my world was turned upside down when the denomination began a period of radical doctrinal reform which challenged my worldview and core beliefs. After a period of personal crisis I realized I had been wrong and determined to do my part in helping to bring renewal to the pastors and members in the areas I served. In the past decade doctrinal renewal has led to administrative, governance and theological reform across the denomination.

Involvement with Fuller

By 2000 it became clear that if I were to be effective in helping lead reform in the regions I served I would need to go back to school and so began looking for a program to help me stay in my context while upgrading my skills. After years of searching I heard about Fuller's MAGL which began in 2003 and enrolled in the first cohort - which we appropriately named "Pioneer" Cohort. In 2004, because I already had a Master's degree in Administration and because of my experience, Shelley Trebesch, who developed the ML565 course, asked me to be her TA. I have just recently completed a D-Miss degree here at Fuller.


I was born and grew up on the Caribbean island of Grenada. I met my wife, Carmen, in here hometown of San Juan, PR, when I was sent there in 1977 for ministerial training. We got married in 1978 and moved to Jamaica that same year. We have three children: Robert, Michelle and Anne Marie.


Reading, sports and movie going are among my hobbies. As a family we love traveling and hosting parties. I recently took up cooking - basic stuff, nothing fancy - and am surprised at how much I enjoy it.

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