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Frank Hankins

Affiliate Assistant Professor of Leadership
School of Intercultural Studies

Role in MAGL

I have been teaching in the MAGL since 2007, primarily in ML530, Lifelong Development, and Mentoring. More recently I have been serving with the MAGL as a cohort mentor, teaching the ML581, ML582 and ML583 courses.


I am co-director of the Network for Developing Latin Leaders (; and, an informal leadership development movement with centers in four Latin American countries.

After 3 years as a pastor in California, I was on site missionary in Ecuador for 21 years. I continue to work throughout the Latin America region through virtual formats and on site visits. I have taught leadership and mentoring courses in various seminaries and institutes in that region. I have a mentoring relationship with leaders in other regions of the world also.

I graduated from Vanguard University in 1977. I went on to earn two Masters Degrees from Fuller Seminary, a Master of Arts in Theology in 1982 and Master of Arts in Cross-Cultural Studies in 1984. In 2003, I was awarded the Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Seminary. My thesis explored the spontaneous or informal nature of mentoring in Latino contexts.

From 2000 to 2004 I team-taught a Fuller Doctor of Ministry course as an adjunct instructor with Dr. J. Robert Clinton. In March 2003, I was awarded the Doctor of Ministry in Global Ministries from Fuller Seminary. In 2005 I began to teach with Fuller Online and later with MAGL in 2007.

My life purpose is to enjoy a passionate friendship with God and serve as a renewed Barnabas type leader to leaders-in-ministry so that they and those that I serve may continue well and finish well. My wife, Ruthie, and I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We have three daughters in their twenties. I enjoy hiking, camping, and photography.

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