Master of Science in Marital and Family Therapy

Master of Science in Marital and Family Therapy (MSMFT) - Degree Outline:

Theology / Integration24  units
FI500Introduction to Integration (2 units)
FI510A/B/C/DIntegration Formation Group (2 units)
OT500Old Testament Introduction
NT500New Testament Introduction
MT501Doing Theology in Global Contexts
ET501Christian Ethics
____Choose 4 units from a pre-approved list of SOT or SIS
Family Studies16  units
FS500Family Systems Dynamics
FS501Gender and Sexuality
FS505Child and Family Development
FS511Cultural and Ethnic Issues in Marital and Family Intervention
ElectivesPasadena: 8 units / Phoenix: 6  units
F___Pasadena: Choose 4 units from MFT department / Phoenix: Choose 2 units from MFT department
____Choose 4 units from SOP, SOT or SIS
Marital & Family TherapyPasadena: 36 units / Phoenix: 37  units
FT502Legal and Ethical Issues in Family Practice (Phoenix: 5 units)
FT508Psychopathology and Family Systems
FT514Family Therapy
FT515Marital Therapy
FT520Child and Adolescent Therapy
FT526Addiction and Family Treatment (2 units)
FT527Divorced and Reconstituted Families (2 units)
FT532Working with Children and Families of Color (2 units)
FT535Group Therapy (2 units)
Clinical Training18  units
FT530AClinical Foundations I (2 units)
FT530BClinical Foundations II (2 units)
FT530AClinical Foundations III (2 units)
FT550Practicum (12 units)
FT555Practicum Continuation (0 units)
Family ResearchPasadena: 4 units / Phoenix: 5  units
FR501Research Methods, Statistics, and Design (Phoenix: 5 units)
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