DMin: Youth, Family, and Culture

Apply to join this cohort by December 10, 2016!

*A limited number of competitive spaces will be reserved for students pursuing a non-degree Advanced Diploma of Ministry Leadership (ADML). For more information on the ADML experience for this cohort, visit the ADML webpage or contact our office.


YouFamCulWebThe Doctor of Ministry degree in Youth, Family, and Culture offers doctoral-level training and exposure with an emphasis on theological discovery and practical application. With this cohort, you will be led into the most significant training in youth and family ministry on the planet. Whether you are a college professor, a denominational leader, a camp director, or a youth pastor, this cohort is designed for you. Be part of rethinking and reshaping youth and family ministry for future generations. - Chap Clark, PhD

Fuller's Youth, Family, and Culture DMin Cohort is a learning community of ministry leaders who share your heart for youth and family ministry. Guided coursework is spread over three consecutive years with the same cohort group guided and mentored by Chap Clark, Mindy Coates Smith, Scott Cormode, and other noted youth and family ministry leaders. While earning your doctorate, you grow together with others as a learning community.

Major Themes Covered

  • Theology and Strategic Issues of Youth and Family Ministry
  • Psychological Development of Adolescents
  • Developing the Spirituality of Adolescents
  • Emerging Models of Youth and Family Ministry
  • Youth and Family Ministry: An Integrated Approach

Please contact the DMin office for more information on applying for this cohort.

Dates of On-campus Intensives

Year One: February 27 - March 7, 2017
Year Two: February 26 - March 2, 2018
Year Three: February February 25 - March 5, 2019


Chapman Clark is Professor of Youth, Family, and Culture and is the Director of Fuller's Youth Ministry Programs. Chap is that rare individual who combines extensive youth and family ministry experience and passion with academic study. Apart from his work at Fuller he has also taught at Denver Seminary and has more than 20 years in ministry, including 15 years with Young Life. During his years as area and regional director for Young Life, he innovatively reached out to young people and their families through weekly clubs and camps and recruited and trained staff members in cooperation with local churches. He has also served on the pastoral team of Glendale Presbyterian Church. Chap is the author of numerous books, including Next Time I Fall in Love, The Youth Worker's Handbook to Family Ministry, Daughters and Dads, From Father to Son, Starting Right, and Hurt: Inside the World of Today's Teenagers. Chap is committed to further equipping men and women who recognize the church's mandate to reach young people in the name of Christ.

What can I do with a DMin degree?

What can I do with a DMin degree?

The primary purpose of the DMin degree is to enable ministry leaders to fully engage their ministry context with greater theological depth and a wider practical perspective. DMin graduates also find opportunities to teach at the college and seminary level.

What are the DMin learning outcomes?

What are the DMin learning outcomes?

Graduates will demonstrate skills for missional engagement of the church in specific cultural contexts.

Graduates will exhibit skills as reflective practitioners.

Graduates will engage in intentional and communal personal practices that develop character, nurture spiritual formation and deepen relationships.

How much does a DMin cost? Is there financial aid available?

How much does a DMin cost? Is there financial aid available?

The Fuller DMin degree is a 48-unit degree for students with an MDiv degree and a 60-unit degree for the MA track. At the current tuition rate of $415 per unit, the cost of the 48-unit track is $19,920 and the 60-unit track is $24,900.

The Walt Gerber Scholarship Fund program has three types of scholarships available to DMin students. For more information, please click here.

Unfortunately, federal student aid is not available for the Fuller DMin.

Though we do not necessarily encourage such borrowing, some DMin students have borrowed private student loans in the past. If you pursue a loan with a private lender, let us know once you are in that process. In order to certify the loan we will likely need to know your enrollment plans. To capture that information we ask students to fill out the Fuller Financial Aid Application from our website.

Be sure to check with church denominations, boards and with your leadership team to partner with you in your education.

Military benefits might also apply to current and former military personnel.

When should I apply?

When should I apply?

The Doctor of Ministry program has rolling admission throughout the year and our admissions committee meets monthly.

It is recommended that you submit your application at least two months prior to starting the Personalized Track (which begins with the online course DM711 Exploring the Contours of Ministry) and at least four months prior to beginning a cohort. This allows several weeks to complete the admission process and any preliminary readings for DMin courses.

What is the status of my application?

What is the status of my application?

If you have already submitted a complete application and are wondering when you will hear from our office, please be assured that we will contact you as soon as possible following the committee's admission decision. If your application is completed by the 10th of the month you should have an admission decision by the end of that same month.

Contact us if you have any specific admissions questions.

Does Fuller offer an online or distance learning DMin program?

Does Fuller offer an online or distance learning DMin program?

Because our students are actively involved in ministry, our DMin program is structured for great flexibility with courses offered around the world and as little as three weeks of residency required. While the DMin degree is not available solely online or from a distance, we are adding online and distance learning components to our courses. We find the interaction in the classroom learning environment to be a crucial part of the program.

What if my ministry is bi-vocational, volunteer, or non-traditional?

What if my ministry is bi-vocational, volunteer, or non-traditional?

We recognize that ministry is rapidly changing and that ministry leadership looks very different in each context. DMin students serve both in and outside of the local church context and it is not required that your ministerial leadership experience be full time or paid. It must, however, be a substantial leadership position from which you can grow, challenge, apply, and implement strategies that you are learning through your DMin coursework.

Can I audit a DMin course?

Can I audit a DMin course?

To audit a DMin course, you must:

  • Have a theological MA/MDiv degree with a 3.0 GPA or greater
  • Have been involved in ministry for 3 or more years post-MA/MDiv
  • Have a current ministry context

The cost structure is as follows:

  • Any qualified Fuller masters graduate can audit one DMin class for $100. This is a one-time opportunity.
  • A Fuller DMin grad can audit any DMin class for $200.
  • A Fuller DMin grad who audits 5 DMin classes can then audit additional DMin classes for the rest of their lives for free.
  • Any qualified MA/MDIV grad from other schools can audit a Fuller DMiN class for $550.
  • The Advanced Diploma in Ministry Leadership allows qualified ministry leaders to take 4 DMin classes and be involved in a 2 year mentoring experience for $3000 total. See
  • A spouse can attend any of these classes for $25.

Space for auditors is limited and not guaranteed before the application deadline. Please note that audit students must attend the entire class. Further, auditors must read 2000 assigned pages prior to the beginning of class and turn in the appropriate reading log.

BONUS: If you complete the audit of five courses, you become a Richard Peace Lifelong Learner--and audit any DMin class for free for the rest of your life!

Contact Debi Yu at to apply.

What is the course refund policy?

You can find Fuller's official refund policy for all courses here.

Help! I still have questions!

Help! I still have questions!

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