A Message from the Dean

Fuller Seminary Dean of the School of Theology Joel Green Speaking

Welcome to Fuller Seminary’s School of Theology! Here you’ll discover deep roots in Scripture and the classical Christian faith tethered to a robust commitment to the church’s mission, locally and globally, and to the formation of Christian leaders for a cornucopia of ministries. We are evangelical yet ecumenical, multicultural and multidenominational, diverse yet unified in Christ.

The strength of the School of Theology lies especially in our faculty and students.

Our faculty include leaders in an array of theological disciplines: biblical studies, church history, theological studies and ethics, philosophy, worship, theology and culture, and practical theology. Together, our faculty exemplify our core commitments to academic excellence, growth in Christlikeness, and passion for mission.

Our students represent the worldwide Christian movement in its wonderful diversity: urban, town and country, and rural; all ages, from 20-somethings to 70-somethings; east and west, north and south; small and large churches alike; women and men; English-speaking, Spanish-speaking, and Korean-speaking; denominationally rooted, non-denominational, and multi-denominational. Their diverse backgrounds season our classrooms and community. Our students are preparing for all sorts of ministries, both traditional and cutting-edge.

Think of theological education as a journey. Whether you’re planning to study for a one-year certificate, for a two or three-year master’s degree, or for five or six years of graduate work, you can anticipate a journey that involves discovery, unlearning and learning afresh, information and transformation, going deeper into our shared faith than you might have imagined possible. Whether you’re joining us in Pasadena, one of our regional campuses, online, or some combination of all of these, prepare to be challenged and encouraged, to participate in a community of new friends who share this commitment to the discipleship of the mind, and to reflect deeply with others about your Christian vocation. We’re enthusiastic about outfitting Christian leaders for serving God’s kingdom faithfully, so we join this journey with you.

Centuries ago, the prominent Christian theologian and biblical scholar Irenaeus wrote that God’s glory is a human being, fully alive. Irenaeus wasn’t thinking about self-actualization or self-fulfillment as we might think about it today. He was drawing attention to the basic Christian claim that we find ourselves fully alive as we find ourselves in Christ, glorifying God. Human beings fully alive – that’s our hope for this intensive form of discipleship called theological education.

Joel B. Green, PhD
Dean of the School of Theology

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