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This collection of resources is for people of faith—pastors, ministry leaders, parents, and interested Christians—who want to thoughtfully engaging Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. Featuring a world-class combination of biblical scholarship, theological reflection, and cultural insight that is unique to Fuller Seminary, we hope these tools will be a valuable resource for anyone having conversations about biblical stories, film, and theology.
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Experts Talk about Noah

Fuller Seminary recently hosted a panel discussion called Noah in Context: the Biblical Flood Story in History, Theology, and Film. This event brought together in conversation expert scholars in areas such as Hebrew Bible, ancient Near Eastern studies, and film and theology. Together they discussed questions related to the biblical flood story. Mesopotamian parallels and precedents, and the depiction of the story in the recent feature film, Noah. Below are some video clips of each scholar commenting on questions related to their specialty.

Chris Hays

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Kutter Callaway

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Ingrid Lilly

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Lance Allred

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More Expert Videos

More videos with Chris Hays

Play Thumbnail Chris Hays
What is important about the Noah film and the cultural conversation it sparked?
Play Thumbnail Chris Hays
As an ancient Near East Scholar, what did you find most interesting about the Noah film?
Play Thumbnail Chris Hays
Why does the Noah story matter for modern people today?
Play Thumbnail Chris Hays
Why is there such an interest in biblical stories today?

About Chris

Dr. Christopher B. Hays holds a PhD in Hebrew Bible from Emory University, and is currently the D. Wilson Moore Associate Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary. He teaches courses on ancient Semitic languages and various aspects of ancient Near Eastern culture and religion. Dr. hays has published numerous scholarly articles, and will soon be publishing a book entitled Hidden Riches: A Textbook for the Comparative Study of the Old Testament and the Ancient Near East. One chapter of this textbook is dedicated to looking at the biblical flood story in the context of other ancient Near Eastern parallels and precedents.

More videos with Kutter Callaway

Play Thumbnail Kutter Callaway
What is significant about the Christian community's response to Noah? (Part 1)
Play Thumbnail Kutter Callaway
What is significant about the Christian community's response to Noah? (Part 2)
Play Thumbnail Kutter Callaway
Why is there so much current interest in biblical stories made into films?

About Kutter

Dr. Kutter Callaway holds a PhD in theology and Culture from Fuller Theological Seminary where he serves as the Director of Church Relations and an Affiliate Professor of Theology and Culture. He studies and writes on aspects of culture relating to music, film, media, and theology. His 2013 book Scoring Transcendence: Contemporary Film Music as Religious Experience looks at the ways film can yield novel insights into the presence and activity of God in contemporary culture.

More videos with Ingrid Lilly

Play Thumbnail Ingrid Lilly
How might different communities interpret the Noah film?
Play Thumbnail Ingrid Lilly
Why should modern people care about ancient stories?
Play Thumbnail Ingrid Lilly
Why all the interest in biblical stories from Hollywood?
Play Thumbnail Ingrid Lilly
What should viewers know about Noah that they might not think to ask?

About Ingrid

Dr. Ingrid Lilly holds a PhD in Hebrew Bible from Emory University. She is currently a visiting scholar at the Pacific School of Religion (Berkeley, Ca) and has taught at Emory University, Western Kentucky University, and Georgia State University. She has several scholarly publications, including her 2012 book Two Books of Ezekiel: Papyrus 967 and the Masoretic Text as Variant Literary Editions. She is also the General Editor and Executive Producer for the website

More videos with Lance Allred

Play Thumbnail Lance Allred
Why are flood stories so prominent in the ancient world?
Play Thumbnail Lance Allred
How malleable are myths?
Play Thumbnail Lance Allred
Who owns these stories and who is allowed to say which versions are "faithful"?
Play Thumbnail Lance Allred
What should people know about the Ancient Near East that they might not know to ask?

About Lance

Dr. Lance Allred holds a PhD in Near Eastern Studies from Johns Hopkins University, where he specialized in studying cuneiform texts from the Ur III period, which dates to the end of the third millennium BC. He has studied at the University of Oklahoma and the University of Pennsylvania, and has held research and teaching positions at UCLA, Cornell University, the University of Pennsylvania and Catholic University. He currently serves as the curator of cuneiform tablets for the Green Collection, which is one of the world’s largest private collections of ancient artifacts. There, he manages a collection of several thousand cuneiform tablets.

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