Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Ancient Israel arose in the midst of an ancient Near Eastern world whose cultural legacy changed human civilization, and yet its history and literature were largely forgotten for centuries in the West. Now recovered, ancient Near Eastern texts are read as literary classics and as indispensable witnesses to the environment in which the Old Testament took shape.

Knowing the languages and literatures of these ancient cultures fosters a deeper understanding of the Bible and its cultural context. At Fuller, you will have the opportunity to study languages such as Aramaic, Ugaritic, and Akkadian, enabling you to interpret the text of the Old Testament with greater insight. Other courses survey the history and religions of the ancient Near East, or even integrate travel and archaeological excavation in Israel with academic study.

How will you use knowledge of the past to change the future?

Want to focus more on the history and languages of the Old Testament than on its surroundings? Read about the Ancient Context of the Old Testament emphasis.

Featured Faculty

Emphasis Faculty

Andy Dearman
Chris Hays
Marilyn Lundberg*
Marianne Meye Thompson

*affiliate or adjunct faculty

Curriculum Requirements

To earn an emphasis in Ancient Near Eastern Studies**, students must fulfill the emphasis requirements (32 units) listed below:

Required Courses (12 units):

LG506 Advanced Hebrew Grammar
LG525 Biblical Aramaic
OT583 Ancient Near Eastern History, Literature, and Culture

Choose Four (16 units):

LG533 Ugaritic I - Beginning Ugaritic
LG534 Ugaritic II - Special Topics in Ugaritology
LG535 Beginning Akkadian
LG536 Advanced Akkadian
LG546 Northwest Semitic Texts
OT576 Experiencing the Land of the Bible
Other courses, such as OT506 Hebrew Exegesis, may be approved by the emphasis coordinator as ANE courses if their content is appropriate to the emphasis

Choose One (4 units):

OT554 Israelite Religion in its Ancient Near Eastern Context
OT581 History and Historiography of Ancient Israel

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