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Partnership Details

For an update on our continued partnership with Young Life, please read this notice.
  • Tuition is reduced to $450 for the 12 Young Life specific classes listed below
  • For all other classes at Fuller, a 30% tuition discount is applied
  • Additional grants are available through the Training Department to help with tuition, travel, room and board
  • Flexible degree options designed to fit your ministry schedule

Young Life Specific Classes

Staff Associate Courses

  • YF503 - Evangelism, Justice & Emerging Generations (NST)
  • NS500 - New Testament 1: Gospels and Acts (WT)
  • ST501 - Systematic Theology I (WT)
  • YF5xx - Youth Minister as Person (WT)
  • FE561 - Leadership 1: Foundations of Youth Ministry
  • FE562 - Leadership 2: Building Resources for Youth Ministry

Training Timeline Courses

  • YF514 - Youth Ministry Leadership and Community Development (ADS)
  • MB501 - Insights for Cultural Understanding (Kingdom of God/TT)
  • ST502 - Systematic Theology II (Christology/TT)
  • OT500 - Old Testament Introduction (TT)
  • GM535 - Supervision and Organization Development (TT)
  • YF502 - Leadership in Youth Ministry (Equipping Leaders (TT)

NOTE: NST=New Staff Training, WT=Winter Training, TT=Timeline Training

Program Options

Certificate in Youth Ministry

Certificate in Youth Ministry (CYM)

  • Can be completed entirely through Young Life specific courses listed above
  • 6 courses total
  • All courses taken as part of a certificate program can count towards a master's degree in the future
  • Ideal for Young Life staff that want to begin taking classes for credit but are unsure they want to pursue a full masters degree

MA in Theoloy and Ministry

MA in Theology and Ministry (MATM)

  • From the School of Theology (SOT)
  • 20 courses
  • On-campus requirement: Three, 1-week sessions on any Fuller campus (6 courses, 2 per week)
  • Curriculum focuses on Vocation and Integrating a wide variety of theological subjects into your ministry

MA in Global Leadership

MA in Global Leadership (MAGL)

  • From the School of Intercultural Studies (SIS) formerly the School of World Mission
  • 18 courses
  • On-campus requirement: Two, 2-week sessions (First in Colorado Springs, Second in Pasadena)
  • Curriculum is designed for leaders in ministry with 4+ years of experience, focus on leadership and spiritual development

Other Degree Options

Many students coming from Young Life will begin with the certificate program and then move on to one of the Masters degrees previously listed but the partnership also extends to on campus degree programs. Please note that your 12 Young Life courses listed above may or may not count towards requirements in the degree programs listed below.

You can begin the application process by clicking on the "Apply Now" button to the left.

Young Life contact: DeeDee Thomson, Training Coordinator -

Fuller Seminary contact: Chris Nelson, Admissions Counselor -

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