Molly Langdon

When I signed up to attend Fuller, I knew only a few pieces of God’s call for my life. I knew that I found Jesus amazing. I thought that he had something to do with loving other people. I knew that the Bible fascinated me. And I felt compelled to attend seminary and learn more.

Now, as I stand on the cusp of completing my time (and my M.Div.!) at Fuller, that picture fills and colors every part of my life. The landscape primarily takes the shape of the cross — as I have not only learned the idea of cruciformity, but also had the opportunity to iterate between trying it out and then returning to class to reflect on my experiences.

My faith, as it is always has, points to a person; yet now I know so much more about this man. I know he came to bring restoration to the world under the reign of God, not just to take my soul to heaven. I know I am united with him in incarnational love, suffering that delivers, and resurrection glory. And I know that the very Spirit who anointed him for his work on earth now anoints us, his people, for our own role in the world. By this Spirit of the one who raised Jesus from the dead, we are called: called to set up our tents among those whom God has created; called to feed, deliver, cleanse, connect, and pray; called to live out together the story of God’s action in our world.

This expanded perspective of what it means to follow Jesus has changed much about my life. A good amount of the shame I felt about who I am and what has happened in my life has melted away as I come to deeper knowledge of my unity with Christ. Hope and calling has largely replaced the ambivalence I felt about the state of our world. I know now that I am not just a helpless marble in a giant game of Hungry Hungry Hippos, but an active agent in concert with the Maker of this arena called earth.

As such, I know that God has also anointed, empowered, and united with me, with us, to preach good news to the poor, to set free those confined, to illuminate true goodness, and to proclaim the message of reconciliation. And I know that he is calling me to such a life — a life in the coming reign of God, free from binding, with eyes wide open, called into the goodness and life that God has made for us. In my time at Fuller, I gained not only the abilities to outline Greek phrases and sensitively navigate church politics, but also, and more importantly, a fuller life in Christ (no pun initially intended, but there it is…).

Molly is a current Master of Divinity student. She will be graduating this Summer!


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