Curt Longacre

Director of Fuller Northern California, MDIV, DMIN.

An Unchanging Focus for an Ever Changing World

When I became the director of Fuller Seminary Northern California in July of 2003, I wrote an article for the FSNC newsletter entitled, "An Unchanging Focus for an Ever Changing World," which was a phrase that was being used in some of Fuller's marketing materials at the time.

Having, by that point, already served as the administrative director for FSNC for five and a half years, I wasn't new to Fuller, but I was stepping into a position that my predecessor had held for eighteen years. Things were going to be different, not because I had a particular agenda, but because I was a different person than my predecessor. I had a different background than my predecessor, different training and experiences, and different passions.

I was, and continue to be, passionate about mission as an expression of discipleship and how the two work together in our own spiritual formation. I also believed the task of theological education extended beyond that of pastoral ministry to encompass every vocation. These passions and beliefs help shape our work of equipping missional leaders for the work of the kingdom.

One of the many things I have always enjoyed about working at Fuller is the knowledge that the work that we do is exponential in nature. By that I mean that it touches not only the lives of our students and alums, but those they encounter and serve on a daily basis, who, in turn, impact those around them. It reminds me a bit of Jesus' parable of the leaven in Matthew 13:33 in which He likens the Kingdom of Heaven to yeast, which when kneaded into dough, permeates every part of the dough.

After sixteen years at Fuller, however, I believe that God is calling me to serve in some new areas of ministry. In response to that call, I have decided to retire from Fuller Seminary at the end of August of this year to pursue whatever it is that God has for me. I don't know all of what that entails at the moment, but I expect that I will continue serving as board chair of Old Skool Café (a faith-based, violence prevention program in San Francisco) and as a chaplain with the Contra Costa Sheriff's Office.

As you well know, there have been a number of changes at Fuller this past year, and there are more to come. I am excited about what God is doing at Fuller, and I am convinced that Fuller's best years lie ahead. I am also convinced that in all of this, there remains at Fuller Seminary "An Unchanging Focus for an Ever Changing World."


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