Annabel Leyva

MDiv 2015

I sensed God's call to be prepared for his service in 2011. I had no clue how I would do this, but I was sure of His call. After seeking God in prayer, I started looking for seminaries and even took a trip to Puerto Rico where I thought I would start my journey. God did not open the doors for me in Puerto Rico. I went to God in prayer once again, and He lead me to Fuller.

From the start, I saw God opening door after door. I was welcomed by Fuller staff in Northern California who prayed with me and demonstrated God's love and patience. All of my concerns were addressed. God provided the financial means and the benefit of staying in my community. Opened doors does not mean easy journey. I became a student once again after thirteen years of achieving my bachelors degree. Many things had changed in thirteen years. I have a husband, two young children, ministry, I am older and tired, and I am academically rusty! I was sure that I was called to support my denominational bible college become accredited, so that meant that I needed to work toward a PhD. I was ready to go, but things started to unravel for me on my first day of class. On my way to class, I was reminded that an old friend was still part of me: anxiety! I could not stop crying! Anxiety has come for visits every once in a while during these past two years (Mostly at the start of new quarters). This has caused me to struggle with discerning God's direction with regard to my degree.

God had a more direct intervention with me this last school year, 2012-2013. First, I was connected to the Hispanic Center where I have been able to receive support, prayer, information, and courses that relate to Hispanic Ministry which is my context. Next, I have been supported by my academic adviser who has spent many hours listening to me change ideas for degrees. Finally, God has given me peace over grades and dropped classes. I know that God is with me on this journey. He called me, and He has been with me placing people to minster to me along the way. Today, I am open to whatever direction God has for me. I am going to finish the MDiv degree in approximately three years. I am sure that God will have doors wide open for me when I am ready to take the next journey for his service.

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