The New Home of Fuller Sacramento

2250 Del Paso Road, Sacramento CA 95834

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Reference Room
Exegesis Room

The Reference Section of the Library

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Fuller Sacramento's new location

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Building Exterior

Sacramento layout

    After 18 years of operation out of Fremont Presbyterian Church, Fuller Sacramento is embarking on a new leg of our journey to serve the communities of Sacramento and its surrounding regions. When Fuller first began operating out of Fremont in 1996 we averaged 40 enrollments a quarter; since that time we have grown to an average of 120 enrollments a quarter. In addition, we have expanded our library holdings to over 5,700 theological books and added additional staff members. We have been blessed beyond measure by Fremont's welcoming hospitality. It has allowed us to grow and serve the kingdom of God in astounding ways, with hundreds of alumni serving in a variety of ministry roles, not only in California, but globally.

    The next chapter for Fuller Sacramento is an exciting one. This new space will provide the adaptable infrastructure required to embrace ongoing technological innovations in support of the classroom and the individual student learner. Also, the additional space will allow Fuller to meet the demands that our growth has placed on the library holdings, providing the opportunity to double the current number of available volumes.

    Innovative Collaborative Space

    Expanding Library Resources

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    (626) 584-5200
    (800) 235-2222
    135 N. Oakland Ave.
    Pasadena, CA 91182