Ledum Manadom

MDiv Student

A native of Nigeria and longtime resident of Atlanta, Georgia, Ledum is an emerging spoken word artist. After running a vocational training school in Georgia, he has been developing his gifts in performance poetry and motivational speaking.

What brought you to Fuller Texas?
My interest in exploring the scriptures began to deepen, and I felt that there needed to be more of an African American perspective in faith and public policy that emphasizes a collective approach to social justice among evangelicals. I was looking for a seminary that was theologically diverse within orthodox Christianity and also had a multicultural appeal.

What have you gotten out of your Fuller experience so far?
My view of Scripture has shifted to a more community-based perspective, which I owe to Fuller's training thus far. The classes I am taking have shown me how to love and appreciate people despite differences in theology and circumstantial perspectives. I am learning about the heart of servitude Jesus displays in scripture, which I aspire to model. My heart is broken when I see those that are disadvantaged and/or blind to the reality of prosperity in Christ. Fuller is equipping me to meet those needs.

Anything else about you?
I am developing "Liberation180," a project geared toward infusing creative arts with ministry to confront issues like human trafficking, poverty, and social injustice both locally and globally. By God's grace I will also have a mixtape called "Snippets and Soundbytes" completed by February 2014. Through the grace of God doors have opened for me to share my gifts and minister in various venues, which has been rewarding.

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