Andres Zelaya


Fuller Seminary has been just one more prayer answered and gracious gift given by God. It's amazing to think that up to six months ago I was doubting if I should even go to seminary. Life has a way of shooting bullet after bullet to make you doubt the very trail you're traveling. I can honestly say today, however, that coming to Fuller has been one of the best choices I've made.

The depth of friendships, the range of beliefs, the missional mindset, and the ethno-linguistic diversity is without par. What drew me most to Fuller was its wide spectrum in world views. The professors don't force their views on a particular subject, though they have their personal convictions and could defend it in a heartbeat. Instead, they prefer to let the Spirit guide you on your journey and only seek to provide you the tools to discover for yourself your views on a particular subject, while being able to argue in favor of it. And yet, somehow, we all come together on what binds us together: Jesus. Because it is with Jesus at the cross that we are not only reconciled to God, but also reconciled to each other. That tie is stronger than any political, national, or denominational tie. Because we realize the diversity in beliefs, and learn to appreciate what really matters: the expansion of the Kingdom to the glory of God. We are all brothers and sisters, separated only by name.

There were many factors that could've stopped me, or even delayed me, from coming to Fuller. I was working two jobs, had a baby on the way, wasn't sure how I was going to pay for the education, and honestly, just wasn't convinced Fuller was the right seminary for me. It finally just took me saying to myself, "It's time to do something, and it starts right here, right now!" We can talk about doing great things or we can actually start doing something. Because all it takes is a mustard seed to grow a forest of trees where birds nest and find their home.

From day one, you will be putting to practice the things you learn in the classroom. Because ultimately, seminary is about what you do with the education you receive here, not how much of it you can hold in your head.

Experience the change. It starts with you.

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