Christian Ethics

Engaging in public discourse, caring for creation, addressing poverty, promoting peace and justice. Tough, complex issues. As Christians, what are we called to do?

At Fuller we care deeply about these issues, and we look to the triune God, in particular Jesus’ teaching for guidance. “Ethics” to us is more than just a set of right and wrongs. It’s embracing the way of Jesus in the power of the Spirit as we tackle the significant challenges of our day - and we hope you'll join us in this work. Our faculty, pioneers in the field of Christian ethics, will help you engage difficult questions biblically, theologically and practically.

What will you do to further the way of Jesus in our world?

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Alumni in Action

Kim Dorr (MDiv, 2002)

In Southern California, the manufacture of entertainment—known locally as “the industry”—is a multibillion-dollar domestic concern, one of America’s primary exports to foreign markets, and employer to a significant percentage of Southern California workers. As the adage goes, “that’s why it’s called show business.” Nevertheless, there are few trades quite so high profile, so high risk, or so seductive as the business of entertainment—prompting songwriter Irving Berlin to declare that there is also no business quite like it.

Kim Dorr has balanced a career in “the industry” with ministry ever since she was ordained in 2005. She has continued as principal agent and co-owner of Defining Artists Agency, while also serving as Pastor to the Entertainment Industry at Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Bel Air, California. Dorr counsels, prays for, and serves those struggling to balance the ethics of the industry with those of Christianity, a group that amounts to nearly half of the church’s 5,000 regular congregants.

Curriculum Requirements

To earn an emphasis in Christian Ethics,** students must fulfill the emphasis requirements (20 units) listed below:

Choose One (4 units):

ET501 Christian Ethics
ET503 Bible and Social Ethics
ET513 Perspectives on Social Ethics
ET522 Christian Ethical Traditions
ET533 Discipleship in a Secular Society

Choose Four (16 units):

ET520 Biblical and Practical Peacemaking
ET521 Sexuality and Ethics
ET525 The Ethics of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
ET528 Creation Care and Sabbath Economics
ET540 Peacemaking in Israel and Palestine
ET542 Faith and Politics
ET543 The Theology and Ethics of Martin Luther King, Jr.
ET545 Theology and Ethics in Asian-American Contexts
ET546 God and Globalization
ET548 Philosophy of Justice
ET551 The Ethics of Diversity in Unity
ET559 Methods in Christian Ethics

Only up to two (8 units) of the following courses may be used for this emphasis:
CH516 Theology and Politics in Modern Society
MD500 Globalization, the Poor, and Christian Mission
NS563 Race and Christian Identity in the New Testament
OT551 Old Testament Ethics

Scheduled Courses

Required Courses/Choose One (4 units):

ET501, ET503, ET513, ET522, ET533

The following scheduled courses fulfill this emphasis requirement.

Catalog Number Course Title Faculty Term Location
ET501 Christian Ethics Lee, HJ Winter 2015 Pasadena
ET501 Christian Ethics (Korean) Lee, HJ Winter 2015 Pasadena
ET501 Christian Ethics Faculty Winter 2015 Hybrid Colorado
ET501 Christian Ethics McKinney, BA Winter 2015 Online
ET501 Christian Ethics Sanders, RS Spring 2015 Menlo Park
ET501 Christian Ethics Rector, LM Spring 2015 Fuller Online
ET501 Christian Ethics Fox, BM Spring 2015 Fuller Online

Choose four (16 units):

ET520, ET521, ET525, ET528, ET540, ET542, ET543, ET545, ET546, ET548, ET559, CH516, MD500, NS563, OT551

The following scheduled courses fulfill this emphasis requirement.

Catalog Number Course Title Faculty Term Location
NS563 Race and Christian Identity in the New Testament Sechrest, LL Winter 2015 Pasadena
OT551 Old Testament Ethics Goldingay, JE Spring 2015 Pasadena

Emphasis courses are scheduled on a rotation and may not be available every quarter. For descriptions of courses that fulfill this emphasis, please visit the Academic Catalog.

**New emphasis structure is effective beginning Fall 2014. For information on your current emphasis track, contact your academic advisor.

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