Changing the Metaphor:
From Culture Wars to Culture Care

Birthed and crafted by Makoto Fujimura, director of Fuller’s Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts, “Culture Care” is a movement toward renewal born from the integration of his art and his Christianity. An alternative to “culture wars,” it is a philosophy that offers the creation and conservation of beauty as antidote to cultural brokenness, and champions cultural generativity in public life. Furthered by the International Arts Movement, which Mako founded in 1991, and now by the Brehm Center as well, the thesis of Culture Care affirms that beauty is vital to “soul care,” offering a vision of the power of artistic generosity to inspire, edify, and heal the church and culture.

“Culture Care is a thesis for the thoughtful stewardship of culture that we seek to bring to the theological, spiritual, and cultural formation we offer at Fuller Seminary,” says Fujimura, “as well as to catalyze its principles beyond our walls.”

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Exploring Culture Care


CULTURE CARE: From Creation to New Creation
February 10
Pasadena, California

The Brehm Center invites you to join us as we continue the conversation on cultural generativity at our third annual Culture Care Summit, hosted by
director Mako Fujimura. With speakers including Andy Crouch, Fuller
president Mark Labberton, and others, we will investigate the integration
of Culture Care and Creation Care. Learn more about the summit and registration here.

Further Resources

mark-labberton-discusses-culture-care-with-mako-fujimura-at-culture-care-summit-fuller-seminaryVisit FULLER studio for a wealth of resources on Culture Care: a lovely video meditation with musician David Gungor of The Brilliance, robust audio discussions from our first Culture Care summit, a number of artist-practitioner interviews and reflections, and more—all available for visitors to freely explore and use in any context.

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