Emergency Notification System

Each quarter, Fuller conducts a test of its emergency notification system (ENS). Below is an explanation of Fuller's ENS and what you can expect from this test.

Why We Have an ENS

In the event of an emergency at any of Fuller's campuses, it is crucial that Fuller be able to alert students and staff in a timely manner as to the nature of the emergency and the steps they should take to remain as safe as possible. An ENS allows Fuller to do this. With its ENS, Fuller can contact several thousand people immediately to alert them to danger and to give both updates and instructions. There are any number of emergencies that we cannot predict, such as a fire or a shooter on campus, and an ENS is a critical tool in helping make sure Fuller's community remains as safe as possible.

Why We are Testing the ENS

In compliance with federal guidelines, Fuller tests its ENS every quarter during week 2, once class rosters for each class have finalized. The test confirms all students, especially new students, are able to be contacted through the ENS.

Who the ENS Contacts

The ENS is updated quarterly with the contact information for current students and employees. The test will contact anyone enrolled in a class for the current quarter as well as all Fuller employees.

How the ENS Contacts You

When the ENS is tested, you will be contacted at your email address. Alerts will also be sent to your cell phone and home phone if you have provided Fuller with that information. If you have provided a phone number for your spouse through Banner Self Service, s/he will be contacted as well. The system alerts these phone numbers in the event of an emergency for two reasons. First, an emergency may occur that renders a Fuller campus unsafe when you are in class or en route to that campus. Second, not all students have cell phones or 24/7 email access so multiple communication methods must be attempted to ensure the information is transmitted.

How to Update Your Contact Information

If you are a student, please go to the Current Students Homepage and update your personal information or email with any questions. If you are an employee, please update your information through HR Self Service or email with any questions.

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