Areas of Emphasis

At Fuller, an emphasis consists of a set of courses grouped around a particular area of interest. By choosing an area of emphasis, you benefit from the rich interdisciplinary resources available in Fuller's three schools - theology, intercultural studies, and psychology. Whether you're called to cross-cultural missions, ministering through social justice outreach, or leading a local body of Christ followers, we invite you to explore emphases that will engage your interests and support your vocation. Emphases can be an exciting way to focus on a particular area of study, but are not required for a program.

Emphases available at all physical campuses, or online Emphases available exclusively on the Pasadena campus
African American Church Studies (now available—details coming soon)1 Ancient Context of the Old Testament3
Asian American Contexts Ancient Near Eastern Studies4
Biblical Languages1 Theology and the Arts
Biblical Studies (now available—details coming soon)2 Worship and Music Ministry
Children at Risk
Christian Ethics
Church Planting
Global Arts and World Religions
International Development and Urban Studies
Islamic Studies
Just Peacemaking
Recovery Ministry
Worship, Theology, and the Arts
Youth, Family, and Culture


1Available exclusively in the MDiv, MAT and MATM programs
2Available exclusively in the MDiv, MAT, MATM, and MAGL programs
3Available exclusively in the MDiv and MAT programs
4Available exclusively in the MAT program
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