Exponential Difference

Meet Brittany, Craig, Deb, Avril, Keith, Andy and Amanda. They're just a few of the Fuller students and alumni using what they learned here to fully be the presence of Jesus in the world, in ways you might not expect.

Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies graduate Brittany Merrill Underwood speaking with a woman at the Akola Project in Uganda
From Privilege to Passionate Impact

Brittany Merrill Underwood’s journey took her from a bounded worldview to a boundless one that has empowered women globally

When college-aged Brittany Merrill Underwood (MAICS ’13) found herself on a summer teaching trip with friends in rural Uganda, she was uncomfortable and ready to leave. Then she met Sarah, a young Ugandan woman who opened her meager home to throngs of street children, and everything changed. “I was shaken out of my complacency,” says Brittany. “Here I was, a girl who had been given everything but shared nothing with others, standing before a woman who had been given nothing but shared everything with others.”

That encounter sparked a driving passion in Brittany to make a difference in the lives of women like Sarah and the children they care for—a passion that has transformed Brittany’s life as it has transformed whole communities.
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Finding Beauty in the Midst of Darkness

Pressing into a love for photography became a source of life for Craig Goodwin as he battled cancer

"High-grade, B-cell Lymphoma." The diagnosis in October 2013 meant the beginning of a harrowing new season for Craig Goodwin (DMin ’11, MDiv ’96), pastor of Millwood Presbyterian Church in Spokane, Washington. Used to being the one consoling others facing medical issues, Craig found himself in new territory. The year to follow would include five months of chemo, multiple hospital stays, radiation, and surgery.

In the midst of the ravages of cancer treatment, he found solace in something that had previously been just an occasional hobby: photography. “Photo outings became a small refuge of joy and beauty in a dark time,” says Craig. “While I was out taking pictures, absorbed in the creative process, it was one of the few times I felt normal.”
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DMin and MFT grad Deb Walkemeyer at the community garden in Compton she helped establish
A Little Piece of Eden

Deb Walkemeyer created a community garden that is bringing unity and healthy food options to a Compton neighborhood

Can a garden transform a neighborhood? Indeed it can, says Debra Walkemeyer (DMin ’14, MFT ’92), who sees the evidence almost every day. Last year Deb garnered the support to launch a community garden in an area of Compton, California, that has historically struggled with human trafficking, gang activity, and a lack of healthy food options. Today that garden is drawing wonderfully diverse members of the community together to hoe its beds, grow nutritious produce for their families, and get to know one another in a tranquil space. “It’s a little piece of Eden in a worn-out neighborhood,” says Deb.

Deb credits her Fuller experience with being instrumental not only in helping her develop the garden project, but in giving her a stronger, broader vision for herself as a leader in it.
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Film director and writer and MA Theology grad Avril Speaks-300x300

Bridging Faith and Film

Avril Speaks (MAT '14) uses the gift of film to help the church and the world see with new eyes

Alaska Christian College President and DMin and MDiv grad Keith Hamilton with and ACC student-300x300

Educating Minds and Hearts

Keith Hamilton (DMin '09, MDiv '07) is using higher education to bring support, nurture and healing to vulnerable Alaskan Natives

Musician and MA Theology grad Andy Figueroa playing with his band in Los Angeles-300x300

Ministering to Souls through Music

Andy Figueroa (MAT '13) is using worship music grounded in theology to bring a little bit of heaven to earth

MA in Theology Grad Amanda Wachsmuth works in finance on Wall Street-300x300

God's Transformative Instrument—in Finance

Amanda Wachsmuth (MA '03) works to "do well while doing good" on Wall Street

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