Charles J. Scalise

Professor of Church HistorySchool of Theology

Contact Information
AB, Princeton University
MDiv, Yale Divinity School
PhD, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Postdoctoral study, University of Oxford

Charles Scalise primarily teaches history and theology at the Fuller Seminary Northwest campus as a resident faculty member. He has been a member of the Church History Department and the Theology Division of Fuller’s School of Theology since 1994 and also supervises doctoral students for the School of Theology’s Center for Advanced Theological Studies.

Scalise’s publications include Bridging the Gap: Connecting What You Learned in Seminary with What You Find in the Congregation (2003), From Scripture to Theology (1996), and Hermeneutics as Theological Prolegomena (1994), as well as a number of articles and book reviews. He is working on critically retrieving the history of the assimilation of White Italian Protestants in America, while continuing his research in theological hermeneutics. He recently published a revised plenary address on understanding theological difference in The Journal of Pastoral Theology. He was also the co-winner of the 2009 Monsignor Geno Baroni Prize in History for the article: “‘Phil, The Fiddler’: How Horatio Alger’s Unitarianism Played among Italian Americans,” published in Italian Americana.

Scalise co-chairs the Church and Christian Formation Group of the Society for Pastoral Theology. He is also Past President of the Pacific Northwest Region of the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature.

Courses Taught

  • HT 500 The Church's Understanding of God and Christ in its Historical Development
  • HT 501 The Church's Understanding of God and Christ in its Theological Reflection
  • CH 502 The Church's Understanding of the Church, Humanity, and the Christian Life in Its Historical Development
  • CH 504 Modern Church History
  • CH 506 American Church History in a Global Historical Context
  • CH557 Classics of Christian Spirituality
  • CH 575 Women in Church History and Theology
  • IS 502 Practices of Christian Community

Areas of Expertise, Research, Writing, and Teaching

History of Christian thought, theological hermeneutics, history of biblical interpretation, development of Christian doctrine, early Church history, the history of pastoral theology, and the history of Christianity in America



  • Bridging the Gap: Connecting What You Learned in Seminary with What You Find in the Congregation. Nashville: Abingdon, 2003.
  • From Scripture to Theology: A Canonical Journey into Hermeneutics. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1996.
  • Hermeneutics as Theological Prolegomena: A Canonical Approach. Macon, GA: Mercer University Press, 1994.

Academic Articles

  • “Foreword,” William Powell Tuck, A Revolutionary Gospel: The Concept of Salvation in the Theology of Walter Rauschenbusch. Macon, GA: Smyth and Helwys, 2015.
  • “Church History Resources on the Web,” co-authored with James E. Bradley and John L. Thompson. Catalyst 39, 2 (Feb. 2013): 5-6.
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  • Articles on sociology of religion for Dushkin Encyclopedia of Sociology, 1973.

Denominational and Popular Publications

  • “Protestant Mission in the Pacific Northwest: The Murder of Narcissa Whitman.” Christ and Cascadia, December 12, 2014. murder-of-narcissa-whitman.
  • “What Does Fuller Mean by ‘Evangelical’? Watchwords of Fuller’s Evangelical Vision.” Fuller magazine, issue 2, 2015, 44-47.
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