James T. Butler

Senior Associate Professor of Old TestamentSchool of Theology

Contact Information
BA, Wake Forest University
MDiv, Princeton Theological Seminary

Jim Butler is senior associate professor of Old Testament and has been teaching at Fuller since 1982. He is ordained as a Southern Baptist, and is a faculty coordinator for the InterSem program (Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish seminary students) and other interfaith dialogues. Courses regularly taught by Professor Butler include Pentateuch, Jeremiah, and Job.

Courses Taught

  • LG807/507: Hebrew Reading
  • MT800: Tutorial in Mission Theology
  • OT500: Writings as Introduction to the Old Testament
  • OT501: Pentateuch
  • OT502: Hebrew Prophets
  • OT504: Writings
  • OT506: OT Exegesis: Jeremiah
  • OT506: OT Exegesis: Joshua–Kings
  • OT507: OT Exegesis: Biblical Wisdom Literature
  • OT507: OT Exegesis: Job
  • OT534: Old Testament Theology
  • OT570: Job and Human Suffering
  • OT801/588: Critical Approaches to the Old Testament

Areas of Expertise, Research, Writing, and Teaching

Jeremiah, Deuteronomistic literature, Old Testament theology, Job

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