Miyoung Christine Yoon Hammer

Associate Professor of Marital and Family Therapy and Chair of the Department of Marriage and FamilySchool of Psychology

Contact Information
BA, La Sierra University
MS, Fuller Theological Seminary
PhD, Syracuse University

Miyoung Yoon Hammer serves as associate professor of marital and family therapy and, as of July 2016, chair of the Department of Marriage and Family. Prior to joining the Fuller faculty in 2009, Miyoung Yoon Hammer worked as a medical family therapist (MedFT), providing therapy for patients and their families in hospital, outpatient, and private practice settings. She also served as an associate faculty member at the Chicago Center for Family Health, an affiliate of the University of Chicago. Currently, she teaches a course on medical family therapy, which focuses on working collaboratively with families affected by illness and their healthcare practitioners both inside and outside the medical environment.

In addition to her MedFT focus, Yoon Hammer’s training and research interests involve the practitioner’s experience and perspective regarding their personal and professional development. In her classes she addresses this self-of-the-therapist process, encouraging students to explore their past and current contexts to better understand themselves and to develop an awareness of how their own family and faith narratives inform their clinical work. Outside the classroom, Yoon Hammer is a live supervisor for MFT students in the Restoration Therapy Model at Lake Avenue Counseling Center.

Yoon Hammer is a member of the Collaborative Family Health Association (CFHA), Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS), and the American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA). She is also a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) in California and Illinois.

Courses Taught

  • FT530: Clinical Foundations I, II & III
  • FT550: Faculty Consultation Group
  • FI510: Integration Formation Group
  • FS511: Cultural and Ethnic Issues in Marital and Family Intervention
  • FT562/862: Medical Family Therapy: Working with Families in Illness and in Health
  • FT552: Assessment

Areas of Expertise, Research, Writing, and Teaching

Medical family therapy, self-of-the-therapist process, spiritual formation, cultural diversity and clinical interventions, Restoration Therapy.


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