Stephen W. Simpson

Associate Professor of Psychology, Department of Clinical PsychologySchool of Psychology

Contact Information
BA, Wake Forest University
MA, Fuller Theological Seminary
PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary

Stephen (Steve) Simpson began teaching at Fuller as an adjunct clinical professor in 2001, joining the School of Psychology’s full-time faculty in 2009. Dr. Simpson has a wide range of clinical experience, and has served in positions including psychologist and director of Pasadena Psychology group, director of clinical training for the School of Psychology, clinical director of Fuller Psychological and Family Services, supervisor for interns at Pasadena Mental Health Center, and therapist and youth program director at Behavioral Health Centers in Alhambra, California.

Specializing in couples therapy and individual therapy for adolescents and adults, Simpson’s interests include relationships, sexuality, anxiety, depression, and addictions. In addition to publishing articles in scholarly journals, he has written three books for a popular audience: Assaulted By Joy: The Redemption of a Cynic (2008), What Women Wish You Knew About Dating: A Single Guy’s Guide to Romance (2008), and What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Sex (co-authored with Ryan Howes and Richard Rupp, 2007). Simpson regularly leads seminars for therapists on various clinical issues, and is a frequent speaker for lay audiences on sex, dating, parenting multiples, and Christian living. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association, and the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Courses Taught

  • FT508: Psychopathology and Family Systems
  • PC800: Clinical Foundations I
  • PC801: Clinical Foundations II
  • PC802: Clinical Foundations III
  • PC809: Clinical Interventions – Client-Centered
  • PC810: Clinical Interventions – Psychodynamic
  • PC831: Sexual Diversity Issues
  • PC836: Human Sexuality
  • PC837: Child Abuse and Domestic Violence
  • PG800: History and Systems of Psychology
  • PG845: Applied Diagnostic Nomenclature

Areas of Expertise, Research, Writing, and Teaching

Sexuality, psychotherapy, psychopathology, depression, anxiety, marriage therapy.


Scholarly Articles

  • Simpson, S. & Reeves, J. (2014). Sexual Attraction and Self-Renewal in Psychotherapy. In R. J. Wicks & E. A. Maynard (Eds.), Self-Renewal Themes in Psychotherapy: A Guide for Clinicians. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. 461-473.
  • Simpson, S.W. (2011). Creating Reflective Practitioners: Clinical Training in the School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary. The Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 30 (2): 108–113.
  • Simpson, S.W., Rizzo, A., Howes, R.A., Bloomquist, C., Buckwalter, G. (2000). Psychological Factors Associated with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Journal of Women’s Health, 42: 106-115.
  • Buckwalter, G. & Simpson, S.W. (2002) Hyperemesis Gravidarum.” Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 112: 42-50.

Popular Books

  • Simpson, S.W. (2008) Assaulted by Joy: The Redemption of a Cynic. Zondervan: Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Simpson, S.W. (2008) What Women Wish You Knew about Dating: A Single Guy’s Guide to Romance. Baker Books: Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Howes, R., Rupp, R. & Simpson, S.W. (2007) What Wives Wish Their Husbands New About Sex. Baker Books: Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Popular Articles

  • Simpson, S.W. (2014). Authentic Dating: Why It Works and How It’s Done. Christian Lovers, 1, 52–58.
  • Simpson, S.W. (2011). “Let’s Not Be Friends: How Adults Break Up.” Collegiate, 6(3): 58.
  • Simpson, S.W. (2010). “Boundaries: Too Firm, Too Soft, Or Just Right?” Collegiate, 6(2): 58.
  • Simpson, S.W. (2010). “Draining the Drama Out of Your Relationships.” Collegiate, 6(1): 58.
  • Simpson, S.W. (2010). “The Flabby Body of Christ.” Rethink Monthly, 11: 22.
  • Simpson, S.W. (2010). “Change: Telling the Good from the Bad.” Collegiate, 5(3): 58.
  • Simpson, S.W. (2009). “Professors 101.” Collegiate, 5(2): 10.
  • Simpson, S.W. (2009). “Dating Versus Hanging Out.” Collegiate, 4(4): 22-25.
  • Simpson, S.W. (2006). “Mind Games: Fighting Fear.” Relevant Magazine, 18: 37-38.
  • Simpson, S.W. (2005). “Leading Others through Fear.” Relevant Leader, Spring 2005 Edition.
  • Simpson, S.W. (2005). “Depressed Or In A Funk?” Relevant College Edition 2005.
  • Over 50 articles in edited online publications. Bibliography available upon request.

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