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A Dream Come True for Leaders Around the Globe

11/3/15 in Our Mission Legacy

You might say that the dream began with our Lord as he looked out on the crowds and said, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out more workers into his harvest field” (Mt 9:37–38).

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From Western Hymns Alone to a Full Range of Global Arts

8/27/15 in Our Mission Legacy

Anyone who has served as a cross-cultural missionary or studied missiology in recent years has been taught the importance of helping people to create worship songs and art that are authentic to their indigenous cultures. But this was not always the norm.

Dave Scott

Opening Up Seminary’s Arms to Children at Risk

6/18/15 in Our Mission Legacy

A young girl is orphaned when her parents die of AIDS . . . a boy barely nine years old is forced to become a child soldier . . . an innocent daughter is sold into human trafficking and sexually exploited. An alarming number of children struggle in unjust situations that put them in crisis. The church has a mandate to care for them—but how?

Timothy Park

Studying Missiology in the Language of the Heart

6/11/15 in Our Mission Legacy

If you’ve ever stepped onto Fuller’s Pasadena campus, the presence and cultural vitality of the Korean community is felt undeniably. You can witness the exchanging of bows quite often and, if you were fortunate, you may have participated in last year’s student government sponsored kimchi-making event (a traditional cabbage side dish). But are you aware of how our Korean Studies Program began?

Paul Pierson

The Missionary Movement—Over and Failed?

6/1/15 in Our Mission Legacy

Did you know that at one point, the missionary movement was thought to have passed? In the 1950s and 1960s, a challenging season in the area of missions arose. With the triumph of communism in China (the largest mission field at the time), plus the sudden decline in colonialism and the subsequent independence of scores of countries in Africa and Asia—the landscape was shifting...

Sunquist Portrait

A New Venture of an Older Trust

5/18/15 in Our Mission Legacy

Fifty years ago it seemed that David Allan Hubbard, president of Fuller Theological Seminary, went out on a limb. In fact he was planting a new tree called the School of World Mission (SWM) and Institute for Church Growth. A rather long name for a small beginning with a small man named Donald McGavran (right). Many innovations in mission practice and theology would follow this one innovation: the thorough use of the social sciences to enhance missionary practice.

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