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Spring Break Research in Thailand

5/26/17 in Pioneers of Today

Working on our John Templeton Foundation research grant with its focus on “recruiting field data for cognitive science of religion (CSR) questions,” we have been exploring various approaches to collecting people’s ideas about spiritual beings and powers (what anthropologists call “SuperHuman Beings”) and the nature of rituals that are driven by those beliefs.

Kali Reider Thumb

Holy Discontent

8/25/16 in Church Planting

My call story begins in my fifth grade science class when I learned about the cardiovascular system. I was utterly captivated by the heart and started dreaming about becoming an open heart surgeon. I knew from age 11 that I would be working on hearts, I just assumed at the time that it would be through surgery.

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Sharing the Gospel in Unexpected Ways

1/27/16 in Pioneers of Today

As a Chinese immigrant to America, I was raised like many other Asian immigrant children to become a doctor or lawyer. But in the most difficult decision of my life, God convicted me to leave a top law school for international law to study God’s law at a top seminary: Fuller.


Bringing Christ Home to Home, From Iowa to the Caribbean

10/1/15 in Pioneers of Today

David goes to the English-speaking Caribbean nations and brings together evangelical leaders from all denominations to offer training and resources to reach every home, every person, in each nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Blossoming Faith in France: Hope for a New Generation

9/14/15 in Pioneers of Today

“The up and coming generation is a clean state,” Craig explains. “This younger generation has no spiritual background, so they have a lot of spiritual questions.”

Pastor Linda Portrait

Partnering with God for a Harvest of Civic Engagement

9/4/15 in Pioneers of Today

What did Jesus picture when he looked out at the crowds and saw a plentiful harvest? (Matt 9:37). Most of us would agree that he envisioned people not just coming to faith, but also growing and impacting the world around them.

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Music in Mozambique—From our Hearts to the Heart of God

8/3/15 in Pioneers of Today

Have you ever accepted a call from God thinking that it was going to be about one thing, only to discover that God had something completely different in mind than what you had planned?

Pramil Headshot

Nepali Earthquake Relief: Love, Logistics, and God’s Mission

7/21/15 in Pioneers of Today

Sitting in a remote part of Cambodia at the end of a day that involved monitoring construction work in a few villages, I got an email notification in which I was cc’d. It read, “Pramil’s tickets have been booked for Delhi. Can you get him to the Phnom Penh airport tomorrow to catch the 1 pm flight?”

Mary Mc Cracken

Women Devastated by Poverty: Calling out the Gold

7/2/15 in Pioneers of Today

What does God see when he looks at a woman devastated by poverty? The answer, Mary McCracken has learned, is gold. Yes, he sees her brokenness. Yes, he sees her pain. But he also sees the beauty inside of her, the image of God that he placed in her, and the queen that she was created to be.

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