Responses to World Events


Can We All Get Along? Los Angeles Civil Unrest, 25 years later

4/25/17 in Responses to World Events

Rodney King famously asked, a few days after the fires started, “Can we all get along?” In the early ’90s, a report from the mayor’s office had described LA as a mosaic, with distinct colors, each section vibrant and essential to the whole. The civil unrest of 1992 called into question this glowing image of our city. The many churches in our city had to face the question of how this happened in a city with so many churches.

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Anger, Peace, and God’s Mission

11/14/16 in Responses to World Events

On a number of occasions I have had a student, staff member, or faculty member sit in my office with fists clinched or teeth gritting as they describe an issue they are concerned about. Occasionally I will stop, look in their eyes, and make the observation: “You seem to have a lot of anger . . . where do you think that is coming from?”


A Call to Love Not to Fear

7/1/16 in Responses to World Events

It is tough loving our enemies: something Jesus calls us to do. Yes, there are reasonable fears about Muslim extremists today, but why don’t we start by loving our Muslim neighbors, who overwhelmingly are proud Americans and want to contribute to the good of our society?

Marrakesh Declaration mosque people plaza

A Christian Response to a Muslim Declaration of Rights for Religious Minorities

2/12/16 in Responses to World Events

In response to the violence by ISIS, Boko Haram, and al-Shabaab against religious minorities, more than 250 Muslim scholars and government officials from more than 120 countries met in Morocco January 25-27, 2016, and made the “Marrakesh Declaration on the Rights of Religious Minorities in Predominantly Muslim Majority Countries.” They based this on the Charter of Medina made 1,400 years before, when Muhammad fled from Mecca to Medina with his followers and made a contract with the local people that guaranteed liberty for the Jews as long as they were loyal.

Evelyne Reisacher Place de la République

Reflections in the Wake of the Paris Attacks

11/25/15 in Responses to World Events

The term “interconnectedness” is ubiquitously used to describe the effects of social media, global markets, or international travels. After the November 13 Paris attacks, this term took on a new meaning as the flow of global empathy reached me as a French citizen.

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