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The Four 'C's of Church Planting Collaboration

11/29/17 in Church Planting

Collaboration is a buzzword. Cooperation is all the rage, especially among millennials. It can be fun and it is necessary to get certain things done, especially in church planting. Rarely is this exciting and complex method considered as a process or on a scale.

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Valuing the Vision

11/9/17 in Church Planting

Accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior as an adult, attending Bible college and seminary, and serving within my Assemblies of God denomination have allowed me to notice a culture focused on equipping the next generation. As I stepped into becoming the director of Hispanic Church Planting for Assemblies of God and started equipping the next generation of church planters, it was evident that they wanted to be equipped, but their reality was a hindrance.

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Sharing the Gospel Through Wine Clubs

9/25/17 in Church Planting

Culturally speaking, Santa Barbara is a place where people work to live, making Friday Happy Hour an essential rhythm of the week. So I’ve embraced the Apostle Paul’s principle of becoming all things to all people, that by all means I might save some (1 Cor 9:22).

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Six Challenges of Missional Church Planting (Part 3)

8/23/17 in Church Planting

In the early phases church planting is too often more about launching a public worship service than planting a church that’s able to equip existing/new disciples of Jesus. Leaders will need to resist the urge to give too much energy and visibility to a weekly central gathering.

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Six Challenges of Missional Church Planting (Part 1)

8/7/17 in Church Planting

The number of Christians who have had it with existing forms of church (the Dones) or who claim no religious affiliation at all (the Nones) is on the rise, perhaps eclipsing the 100 million mark in the US alone. These growing populations of dechurched and unchurched people present the body of Christ with fresh opportunities to follow Jesus into inventive expressions of church. Though certainly not exhaustive, this list represents what planters and planter coaches commonly identify as key challenges to starting sustainable missional churches.


Lament of a Church Planter

5/12/17 in Church Planting

When a core group member leaves suddenly, or conflict erupts between two key missional community leaders, or your worship leader quits right before your public launch, how do you deal with the feelings of loss, pain, anger, and grief? When an unbeliever that you have befriended and baptized walks away from the faith, how do you pray? How do you navigate the chasm between how our theology says we ought to respond and how we actually feel?

Ducks and new Churches

Of New Ducks and New Churches

5/5/17 in Church Planting

They say that in their first hours of life, baby ducks will form a special bond with the first moving object that they see, whether it’s their mother, an unsuspecting human, or the family dog. They will begin to follow it, imitate it, and consequently, their behavior will begin to take the same shape as the entity to which they have bonded. They call this process imprinting.


Four Ways to Strengthen the Church Planter’s Marriage

4/5/17 in Church Planting

How is your marriage going to survive or even thrive when you are doing all you can just to keep the church plant going?

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Challenges and Opportunities for Women Church Planters, Part 2

3/10/17 in Church Planting

Gender aside, church planting is not for the fainthearted. Yet (to use a decidedly feminine metaphor), just like the labor of childbirth, the extraordinary exertion—combined with some degree of pain—is temporary, and beyond worth it!

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Challenges and Opportunities for Women Church Planters

2/22/17 in Church Planting

In 2010, I started one of the first two satellite churches for a large nondenominational church in Seattle. Not only did it feel very lonely, it is, in fact, very rare. I have yet to encounter a female lead pastor in an analogous situation. When I searched for data to substantiate my experience, it was also scant and difficult to find.

Nick Warnes

The Shrewd Ethics of Starting a New Church

2/8/17 in Church Planting

From house churches to churches with full-time vocational pastors, we have experienced a breadth of ecclesial expressions in our city. While many of the frameworks that our churches prioritize are different, we have noted 12 commonalities as expressed by our 12 core covenant values

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Kingdom Embassies and Ambassadors

1/30/17 in Church Planting

“Where should we plant?” and “Who will be our church planter?” are two of the first questions our eager church planting commission asks as we hover over a detailed map of our North Texas region. Our team, with coffee in hand, has gathered this early morning filled with excitement and expectation as we analyze where new houses are being built.

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Feeling Inadequate for the Task

1/23/17 in Church Planting

Sometimes, it seems, God calls us to persist in a given ministry, even though we feel ill-equipped, seem to take two steps back for every one step forward, and generally (in our own estimation, at least), kind of suck. We struggle, don’t see the fruit we hope for, and wonder aloud why God didn’t call someone with better skills to take on this challenge.

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What All Planters Have in Common: Starting New Things

1/11/17 in Church Planting

Apart from sensing a clear call from God to plant a church, what do most church planting leaders consider to be the strongest indicator of being a fruitful planter? The answer is a demonstrated track record of starting new things either inside or outside of the church.

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Seedless Watermelons and the Gospel

12/12/16 in Church Planting

One of the great inventions of history is seedless watermelon. I sometimes wonder if kids growing up today can even imagine a past when anyone eating watermelon would have to carry around a little bowl that would function as their seed-spittoon. I’ve thought quite a bit about seedless watermelons and the gospel, and it’s caused me to be convicted about my own faith.

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Got theological education?

12/6/16 in Church Planting

Do church planters need a theological education? Should those of us guiding potential church planters encourage them to get a theological education? We’ve all heard the well-worn put-downs that seminary can be a spiritual cemetery and that people just need Jesus, not exegesis.

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Three Ways to Build a Church Planter Pipeline

9/26/16 in Church Planting

Where do church planters come from? This morning I got off the phone with a friend who is a denominational church planting leader. We both agreed that one of the major obstacles to planting more churches is the lack of identifiable pipelines for church planters.

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Holy Discontent

8/25/16 in Church Planting

My call story begins in my fifth grade science class when I learned about the cardiovascular system. I was utterly captivated by the heart and started dreaming about becoming an open heart surgeon. I knew from age 11 that I would be working on hearts, I just assumed at the time that it would be through surgery.

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Why Plant a New Church When There Are Already So Many?

5/10/16 in Missiology Conversations

Fuller is excited to now offer a new degree emphasis in Church Planting to master’s students, in addition to our Certificate in Church Planting. As we seek to equip men and women who are called to plant churches, we must ask the question: Why plant a new church when there are already so many? Why not just invest in churches that already exist?

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