Changes in the world today require new kinds of intercultural connection. At Fuller, we see a need for Christians with both solid biblical grounding and a sophisticated knowledge of Islam, who are committed to engaging with Muslims in ways that contribute to the spiritual and social transformation of the most challenging realities of our day. If you feel called in this way, we invite you to join us at Fuller. Our faculty, experienced in research and study of the Islamic faith, will help you understand and think critically about Islam and mission.

How will you participate in the global conversation about Islam?

Featured Faculty

Emphasis Faculty

Martin Accad*
John Azumah*
Nabil Jabbour*
Evelyne Reisacher
Charles Tieszen*
John Travis*

*affiliate or adjunct faculty

Student Perspective


Oscar Merlo

MA Intercultural Studies
My Islamic Studies courses provide narratives for understanding the “religious other.” The open classroom environment invites dialogue with difficult questions, and the scholarly readings challenge me socially, theologically, and intellectually. In this interpluralistic world we must be prepared to enter spaces as gospel bearers who intelligently shine the love, justice, and light of Jesus in ways that are humble yet evangelistic.

Curriculum Requirements

To earn an emphasis in Islamic Studies**, students must fulfill the emphasis requirements (20 units) listed below:

Required Courses (8 units):

MR550 Introduction to Islam

MR574 Muslim Peoples: A Sociological Approach

Choose Three (12 units):

MR552 History of the Muslim-Christian Encounter
MR554 Developing Communities in Muslim Contexts
MR555 Popular Islamic Piety
MR556 Current Trends in Islam
MR557 Muslim Women and Family
MR569 Biblical Hermeneutics in a Muslim Context

Listen to Evelyne Reisacher's lecture on Christian-Muslim relations delivered at Urbana 15

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