MA in Christian Leadership (MACL)

The MA in Christian Leadership degree is a program designed to provide graduate theological education for women and men called to non-ordained leadership roles. It seeks to develop lay leadership informed both theologically and practically and provides an opportunity for those who are currently in service to enhance their ministry and leadership skills.

This degree is designed to give lay leaders a strong biblical, theological and ministry foundation while providing areas of specialized study for particular areas of ministry.

Degree Description

72  Quarter Units:

Normal Progression

The MACL degree can be earned in a year and a half. However, many students pursue the program on a part-time basis and thereby extend their study over a longer period of time. In addition to the ten-week daytime schedule, campus courses are also offered in the evenings and as intensives, allowing for even more flexibility.

Typical Students

Students who pursue the MA in Christian Leadership degree typically look to be well grounded in ministry training but may not have an interest in ordained ministry. These students may also work in churches that do not require a seminary education for ordination.

Further Studies

This degree does not solely prepare students for doctoral studies.


The complete MA in Christian Leadership degree can be earned in Pasadena, Colorado Springs, Houston, Irvine, Menlo Park, Phoenix, Sacramento, or Seattle.


The MACL degree prepares students to work as youth pastors, campus ministers, or facilitators of lay or marketplace ministries.

Online Options

Students may take up to 36 units through Distributed Learning.

Areas of Emphasis

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