MAT Degree Outline

The MA in Theology program offers deep theological scholarship that prepares students who may elect future advanced study, coupled with new practices courses that nurture students’ spiritual, personal, and vocational formation. With electives making up more than one-third of its courses, the MAT is a highly customizable program.

The degree requires a total of 80 quarter units (most classes are 4 quarter units), and is typically completed in 2 years of full-time study. Fuller’s 80 quarter unit MAT program is equivalent to a 56 semester credit program at other institutions. Both will take the same amount of time and effort to complete.

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Integrative16 units
IS500 Practices of Vocational Formation
IS501 Practices of Worship
IS502 Practices of Community
IS503 Practices of Mission
Interpreting16 units
BI500 Interpretive Practices
OT500 Old Testament Introduction
NT500 New Testament Introduction
1 course Biblical Studies Elective
Theologizing20 units
1 course God and Christ
1 course Church, Humanity, and the Christian Life
1 course Modern/Global Context
1 course History or Theology Elective
1 course Christian Ethics
Electives28 units
Choose any master's level courses in the Schools of Theology or Intercultural Studies. You may wish to either pursue a degree emphasis or select a personalized combination of courses that support your ministry and life goals.

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