Be Formed to Serve a World in Need

Equip yourself for effective intercultural engagement and informed missional leadership in any context—local or global—with our biblically grounded, holistically focused MA in Intercultural Studies (MAICS) program. Beginning Fall 2017 the MAICS degree will be available fully online.

MAICS Community

A Diverse Community

Your perspective will be richly expanded as you join a community of classmates and faculty from an unparalleled diversity of backgrounds and cultures

MAICS Preparation

Hands-on Preparation

You’ll get practical, on-the ground experience in a cross-cultural practicum that matches your interests, equipping you to work for real transformation in your chosen field

MAICS Rootedness

Theological Rootedness

Learning from leading missiologists, you’ll gain the solid theological foundation to serve wisely and biblically no matter what challenges you face in your future call

Holistic Formation

Holistic Formation

Through mentoring, small group reflection, vocational discernment guidance and other formational resources, you’ll grow spiritually and personally as you clarify your calling

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Unmatched Academics

You’ll learn from the experts—innovative missiologists, experienced practitioners, and widely respected scholars who will challenge you to go deep theologically and scholastically as you explore what it means to contextualize the gospel in an increasingly complex world. Whether it’s poverty and development with Dr. Bryant Myers, Islamic studies with Dr. Evelyne Reisacher, or global Pentecostalism with Dr. Amos Yong, you’ll have the opportunity to study under recognized leaders in the fields that interest you.

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Cross-Cultural Practicum

You have the option to participate in a practicum where you can hone your call, grow spiritually, and apply what you are learning in a real-world context. Dozens of practicum site options—as well as the opportunity to arrange your own if you wish—allow you to develop your specific passion.

Enriching Community

MAICS Community Photo

When you join the MAICS community, you’ll study the global church with people from around the world who bring a multitude of perspectives to the classroom.

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Meet some of our students and alumni

Quote Patrick Kakule
I came from the Congo with two passions—evangelism and development—and professors like Bryant Myers and other experienced practitioners helped me bring those together. Fuller gave me opportunities to learn from people who are working in the areas I’m passionate about. It gave me a language behind my passion, preparing me to take a theology of development back to the Congo.

Patrick Butsapu Kakule (MAICS '16) from Goma, Congo

Quote Priscilla Santos
Learning in a global community of diverse voices informed my understanding of best practices in working among the poor and marginalized, affirming those we serve to be agents of change. The MAICS program equipped me to think holistically and ask the right questions in my present context—walking alongside human trafficking survivors as they go from crisis to sufficiency to thriving.

Priscilla Santos (MAICS ’12), Program Coordinator, Salvation Army Anti-Trafficking Services

Quote Allen O'Loughlin
Integrating classroom principles into onsite practice is a huge challenge for me. But at Fuller’s School of Intercultural Studies I was taught by world-changing practitioners whose ideas were refined in the heat of personal cross-cultural experience. Most of all, I value their belief in me, and the faith they enacted when they chose to equip me to go and do what they have done.

Allen O’Loughlin (MAICS ’14), Cross-Cultural Practitioner in Pakistan

Whole-Life Formation

In addition to participating in an MAICS family group, you’ll have access to several other resources to help you discern and clarify your calling—including these:

32 Hours Small Group

Small Group Reflection

4 out of 6 quarters in vocational formation groups led by trained facilitators

MATM 3 months practicum

Practicum Guidance

Access to a broad range of placement opportunities and personalized support should you choose to participate in a practicum

Global Community Vocation

Global Community

Cross-cultural friendships and connections that will go with you for a lifetime


Beginning Fall 2017 the MA in Intercultural Studies degree will be available fully online. Stay in your context and earn the MAICS online if you wish, or combine core online courses with elective courses at any of our six campus locations. You may also earn the degree in full at our Pasadena campus, taking only face-to-face courses or combining face-to-face and online courses.


Reduced unit requirements for the MAICS means faster completion, which decreases your tuition expense. Merit-based scholarships, along with need-based assistance, may cut your costs even more.

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