MA in Theology and Ministry (MATM)

The MA in Theology and Ministry degree – now offered with flexible study options – is designed for those who wish to develop a deeper biblical and theological understanding, spiritual maturity, and cultural literacy for ministry in churches, parachurch or nonprofit organizations, and other vocational settings. The degree provides excellent preparation for those called to be on the pastoral staff of a church or denomination that does not require the Master of Divinity degree as a qualification for ordained ministry; and it can also serve as a prerequisite for the Doctor of Ministry program. The curriculum covers the basic areas of theology, biblical studies, and ministry, combined with supervised ministry in a local church.

Flexible plans to study allow you to complete the MATM according to your needs. You can

  • Complete all your coursework face-to-face on a campus.
  • Combine online and face-to-face courses.
  • Remain in your context by studying primarily online, with just three one-week sessions at a Fuller campus. To take maximum advantage of your online options, you would follow this plan:
    • Earn 56 units through online courses
    • Earn 24 units through "Hybrid Plus" courses
      • Each Hybrid+ Course consists of nine weeks of online study plus one week of face-to-face study at a campus.
      • When you come to a campus for that face-to-face requirement, you will take two courses during your one-week stay.

Students following this plan can complete the MATM in three years. Click HERE for a sample plan.

Degree Description

80  Quarter Units:

Normal Progression

The MATM degree can be completed in two years of full-time study. Students who stay in their context, combining online study with Hybrid+ courses, will typically complete the degree in three years.

There are flexible options for completing this degree: primarily online with Hybrid+ classes, or on a campus in combination with online and hybrid classes. In addition to the ten-week daytime schedule, campus courses are also offered in the evenings and as intensives, allowing for even more flexibility.

Typical Students

Students in this program have a commitment to ministry in the church, parachurch, or the marketplace.

Further Studies

The MATM may serve students as a prerequisite to the DMin program. However, it is not designed to prepare students for PhD studies.


The complete MATM degree can be earned in Pasadena, Colorado Springs, Houston, Irvine, Menlo Park, Phoenix, Sacramento, or Seattle.


This degree prepares students to work in the church, parachurch, or the marketplace.

Online Options

Students may take up to 56 units through Distributed Learning.

Areas of Emphasis

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