Our Stories

Because no one can tell the story of us better than we can.

At Fuller we believe that who you study with is as formative as what you study. That applies to more than just professors—it includes classmates, our alumni network, staff, administration, donors, trustees: everyone contributes to the extended Fuller learning environment. We are 53,000 people around the world.

Here are stories of those who make up the Fuller community, told by storytellers who are part of Fuller—writers, poets, photographers, videographers, designers, and musicians. Because no one can tell the story of us better than we can.

Featured Stories

  • Language of Games Stroup
    Not Just Playing Games
    Late last year, a role-playing game became a matter of real-world life or death for Fuller Northern California alum Joe Stroup.
  • HakJoonLee-H-MLK
    Lessons from Martin Luther King, Jr. that Transcend Race
    Professor of Theology and Ethics Hak Joon Lee’s expertise on the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. comes from a kinship deeper than race.
  • Kaherl Slideshow
    Inhabiting Abandoned Spaces
    Amy Kaherl has received national attention for her groundbreaking project "Detroit Soup." Few know that the work has been fueled by her own journey toward renewal.
  • Heath and Andrea Greene - thumb
    The Path to Our Dreams
    Ten years after leaving Fuller, all that the Greenes thought they were giving up to obey God has been granted in abundance—including a lovely Christmas tradition.
  • Juan Martinez - main (thumb)
    En Casa de Abuelo para la Medianoche (To Abuelo’s by Midnight)
    Provoste Asociado de Programas de Internacionales y Diversidad Juan Martínez comparte con David Moore, cuentista de Fuller, memorias de viajar a través de los Estados Unidos en vacaciones familiares, y su percepción de EEUU como joven latino.
    (Léalo en Español / Read it in English)
  • McNary - interview 1 (thumb)
    They Are Not Thieves, They Are Men
    In Slovakia, the word for gypsy means "thief," points out Shane McNary (ThM student, SIS), explaining that advocacy for the beleaguered people starts with respect in the words we use. That's why he prefers Roma, because "it means man. Same as me."
  • Justin Fung - Library - Close (thumb)
    Longing for Home
    Justin Fung knows very well what President Mark Labberton calls "claiming home in the midst of exile." It is the story of Fung's life--and a very pertinent message for his congregation at The District Church in Washington, DC.
  • Unkowing Partners thumb
    Unknowing Partners
    Sitting in Rob Johnston's systematic theology class, students Linc Moore (MAT '13) and Rachel Yu (MDiv student) had little idea that their paths to Fuller had crossed just months before, 3,000 miles away, in cholera-ravaged Haiti.
  • Orvieto - group photo thumb
    That Great Summer and Every Summer Thereafter
    Writer Tamisha Tyler (MDiv student) and photographer Richard Min (MDiv '13) tell of their life-changing experiences in Fuller's immersion course in Orvieto, Italy.
  • Labberton - Travis Auditorium
    A Surprising Journey: More than He Could Have Asked or Imagined
    Lead Storyteller Lauralee Farrer, photographer/videographer Nate Harrison, and videographer Michael Moore go a little more in-depth into the story of new president Mark Labberton and his unexpected path to Fuller's fifth presidency.
  • Lee, Slatoff, Min
    Four Artists, Four Views
    Artist in Residence Christopher Slatoff's sculpture inspired graduate Katherine Lee to write a poetic reflection called "The Outsiders." That, in turn, prompted alumnus Christopher Min to film a unique and beautiful video devotional. We asked photographer and Fuller staff member Tamara McMahon to put their collective experience in context.
  • John Wipf thumb
    It’s All About the Books
    Public Affairs writer Sharon Hong and photographer Tamara McMahon tell the charming and book-saturated story of John Wipf, a son of Fuller and the new proprietor of the campus bookstore: The Archives.
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