Jamal Scarlett
The Fuller Formation Group has been a safe place to ask questions and process my experience as a pastor and priest. It has given voice to my desire as a spiritual leader to be a whole person, fully formed and fully free to lead my parish in humble service to Jesus. Formed by a Communal Rule of Life, we've been given the opportunity to hear and be heard, encourage and be an encouragement, flourish and see others flourish.

—Jamal Scarlett, Priest and Group Participant

Brian Wallace
I have seen hundreds of gifted, passionate, loving men and women question their calling or enter moral failure because of the relentless demands of ministry. While each leader is unique, all require the formation of their being and relationship to Jesus—the safe community, patterns of spiritual practice, and loving mentorship—that can help them navigate a life of ministry. Formation groups were designed to address these needs and help leaders enter into lives of faithful service.

—Brian Wallace, Executive Director, Fuller Formation Groups

Lisa Nelson
I enjoy being a part of my cohort because as a chaplain I often find myself feeling alone in my ministry, since so much of what I do in hospice is one on one. I have appreciated the support and prayer from my cohort and the relationships we have built during our time together. My group has reminded me of both the difficulties and the joys of being called to God's ministry.

—Lisa Nelson, Chaplain and Group Participant

Formation in Community

Members of these small formation groups dialogue with, learn from, critically engage, and encourage one another with authenticity and intimacy as pastors and ministry leaders. This mutual support helps participants to deepen their spiritual and emotional health and leadership formation so that they might more fruitfully engage God’s kingdom work.


Led by a seasoned mentor, every pastors and ministry leaders group—or “cohort”—consists of 8 to 15 members, takes place over 13 to 14 months, and includes the following:

Weekly Formation Materials

will feature short videos, readings, and exercises designed to help you grow in faith and leadership. This will take you 45 minutes to an hour per week.

Monthly Small Groups

with your cohort will meet either in person or virtually to process what you are learning from the weekly content and formation experiences

Quarterly Retreats

will each offer a three-day space when your cohort gathers to worship God, pray, engage in spiritual practices, and enjoy one another in fellowship

Upcoming Cohorts

Upcoming Cohorts Pastors

Cohort Name:
Pastor & Ministry Leader Cohort

Cost: $2950

Online with quarterly retreats in Malibu and other U.S. cities

Cohort Mentor:
Mark Anthony

August 29-31, 2017 (First retreat) Subsequent retreat dates will be decided by the cohort.

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Cohort Name:
Pastor Cohort 3 (Lilly)

Cost: Free (Must fit the cohort criteria, fill out the application, and go through an interview. Only 12 people are accepted to this cohort.)

Online with quarterly retreats in Malibu and other U.S. cities

Cohort Mentor:
Jeff Holck, Director, Fuller Formation Groups

October 10-12, 2017 (First retreat) Subsequent retreat dates will be decided by the cohort.

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Get started on your spiritual formation journey by completing the simple application form here. In addition to providing basic contact information, you might want to take some time to look over the personal questions in the application that will aid us in helping you find the group that is best for your needs.


  1. Tell us three things about yourself that help to describe you.

  2. At this point in your Christian journey, how do you envision your call to God’s mission in the world?

  3. Tell a story from your life that gave you joy or reaffirmed your sense of calling.

  4. How do you imagine that participation in a formation group will contribute to your spiritual life, calling, or relationship to God?
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The participation fee listed above includes all but transportation (except Lilly which covers transportation):

+ 4 two-night retreats (room, board, and programming included)

+ All materials and resources, including weekly content from Fuller’s faculty and staff

+ Monthly video-facilitated small group meetings

Because of the generosity of national foundations, Fuller alumni are eligible for scholarships that cover the majority of the cost. Recipients pay a maximum of $75 per month over 12 months for a total of $900. Some preference will be given to Fuller graduates as well as to alumni who demonstrate ongoing engagement with Fuller, continued theological reflection, or ministry commitment.


DMin Credit

Participation in a Fuller Formation Group can be applied, at a level of either 12 units or 20 units, toward the 48-unit DMin degree at Fuller. DMin candidates are given additional reading and integration writing assignments that help them apply the cohort experience personally and practically to their ministry context.

Candidates make a separate application to the DMin program and pay the associated tuition, with the cohort process counting for all “class” time. $1,400 of the cohort process is applied to the DMin tuition for 12-unit students; $2,300 is applied for 20-credit students.

Learn more and apply to the DMin
(626) 584-5200
(800) 235-2222
135 N. Oakland Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91182