Certificate Programs

Certificate programs in the School of Theology and the School of Intercultural Studies offer students the opportunity to engage 24 units (six courses) of master's-level coursework at Fuller through either a focused course of study or a sampling of courses. There are a total of seven certificates with a variety of potential disciplines to study. A certificate program is ideal for practitioners who would like to take a few courses to supplement their ministries. All certificate programs are 24 units, and the certificate units can be used toward a master's degree,* though units initially taken for a degree cannot be used for a certificate.

*Only coursework that meets degree program curriculum requirements and policies can be used.

Guidelines and Policies

Program Time Limits

A certificate must be completed within 7 years. As a certificate student, you are welcome to complete the program at a slow pace. However, to maintain active student status, you must take at least one class within four quarters (1 year) of your most recent course registration.


There is no residency requirement for certificate programs. You may take your classes as they are available on any campus or as Distributed Learning (online).

School Requirements

As a certificate student, you are required to earn at least 16 units within the school you are earning the certificate. For example, if you are completing the Certificate of Christian Studies in the School of Intercultural Studies, you must earn at least 16 units (typically 4 classes) that are taught through the School of Intercultural Studies, and your remaining 8 units can be earned from the course offerings of any school. If you are earning a specialized certificate, the school requirement is fulfilled through the required courses, which must be taken as they are listed.

Distributed Learning

Distributed Learning refers to Fuller's online courses. As a certificate student, you may take all of your courses as online.

Pass/Fail Grade Mode Option

All courses (with few exceptions) automatically register with a grade mode that will give you a letter grade (A, A-, B+, etc.) for the course on your transcripts, which will then determine your grade point average (GPA). The pass/fail grade mode option allows you to take a course without the outcome of the course impacting your GPA as long as you pass the class. Certificate students are only allowed to take four units of the program as pass/fail. For more detailed information on pass/fail, please click here.

Non-English Courses

In order to take a class offered in a language other than English, students must be pre-approved to register for the class. For instructions on enrolling in non-English language courses, please click here.

Transfer Credit

As a certificate student, you are not allowed to transfer in any credit taken at another institution.

Completion Process

Application for Certificate Award

Once you have completed the 24 units required for the certificate program you will not receive your certificate award until you have applied to receive the certificate. To apply for your certificate award, please complete the Application for Certificate and send it to your academic advisor.

Download: Application for Certificate

Applying for a Master's Degree at Fuller?

Up to 24 units of completed classes in a certificate program may be transferred into a Fuller master's degree if they satisfy the degree requirements. Please consult your academic advisor for an evaluation.

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