Doctoral Preparation

Many students go on to pursue doctoral studies after completing a master's degree program. If continuing your education is a possible reality for you in the near or distant future, your preparation can begin now.

PhD Preparation Guide

DMin Prepartion Guide

DMiss Preparation Guide

Completing Two Masters Degrees at Fuller

It is not uncommon for a student to decide to pursue more than one masters degree at Fuller Seminary. If you decide to join this courageous group of students, you first step is to contact your academic advisor. Your advisor will help you make an informed decision. In that appointment, you will be able to review the total number of core and elective courses you can expect to take with the two programs you choose to complete. Then, if you decide to pursue a second degree, your advisor will ensure that there is a smooth transition with your curriculum and student status. The amount of course overlap between the two degrees will always be half of the number of units of the shorter degree (in terms of units).

Most Common degree match by students in dual programs:



MDiv and MAICS

SOT or SIS degree an MFT*

*Students must apply through the Office of Admissions and be admitted separately into the following master's degrees: MAGL, MFT, ThM (any).

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