Residency and Non-Residency

Residency refers to the amount of classes that must be taken on a Fuller main campus. Below, you will find 1) the minimum required number of residency units and 2) the campus courses that satisfy residency requirements for each degree.

Degree Amount of Residency At which campus will my classes count as residency?
MDIV 1/3 of degree Pasadena, Irvine, Menlo Park, Seattle, Houston and Phoenix
MAT 1/3 of degree Any Main Campus
MATM 24 units Any Main Campus
MATM-USMC 28 units Any Main Campus
MAICS 24 units Any Main Campus
MACL 1/3 of degree Any Main Campus

* Fuller Main Campuses: Pasadena, California Coast--Irvine, Colorado, Northern California--Menlo Park, Northern California--Sacramento, Northwest, Southwest--Phoenix, and Texas--Houston.

Courses that Do Not Satisfy Residency Requirement

The types of courses that do not satisfy any residency requirement are as follows:

  • Conference Classes
  • Directed Study
  • Internship or Practicum (Field Education)
  • Immersion Classes (e.g. Lebanon, Orvieto, New York, etc.)
  • Online Classes (Distributed Learning)
  • Transfer Credit
  • Satellite Campus Classes (e.g. San Diego, Santa Barbara etc.)

Distributed Learning

Distributed Learning refers to Fuller's online courses. These classes are offered in an alternative format to the traditional classroom setting. However, there are limits* to the amount of distributed learning courses you can earn in your degree, which is outlined below.
Table caption
Degree Program Distributed Learning Allowed (Online)
MDiv 1/2 of degree
MAT 1/2 of degree
MATM 72 units
MATM-USMC 72 units
MAICS 72 units
MACL 1/2 of degree

*The limits are based upon and assume a degree with no previously earned courses, no transfer credit, no directed study units, no emphasis, and considers residency units required by the degree.

Please contact your academic advisor if you have any questions regarding the residency or Distributed Learning policies or your current distributed learning options in light of any previously earned units, transfer credit, or remaining residency requirement.

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