Selecting Classes

The best way to select your classes for a given quarter is to view the online class schedule. The schedule will allow you to view the current course offerings and the course offering of future quarters. It will also allow you to select the campus or Distributed Learning class schedule you would like to view. It is advised that you keep a copy of your curriculum sheet with you when choosing classes to make sure you select the ones you need to successfully complete your program.

If you want to take classes toward an emphasis, you will need to reference our lists of emphasis to find your emphasis and verify that you are choosing the courses that will satisfy the requirements of your emphasis. Contact your academic advisor if you run into any scheduling conflicts or questions.

Looking for a Denominational Course?

Many students need denominational courses for ordination, while others simply have an interest to learn more about a particular denomination. For your convenience, we have provided for you a list of courses by denomination to view the class titles at a glance. Fuller provides courses for the following denominations:

  • Anabaptist
  • Anglican
  • Baptist
  • Presbyterian
  • Reformed Church of America
  • United Methodist

Check with your academic advisor for more information on class scheduling.


DP526 Anabaptist History, Theology and Polity

ET537 Anabaptist Ethics and Theology


DP516 Anglican History and Polity

PM546 Pastoral Theology, Ministry, and Ethics from an Anglican Perspective

SP526 Anglican Spirituality

TH560 Anglican Theology

TM531 Anglican Mission in a Global Context

WS523 Anglican Liturgy and Worship


DP508 Baptist Doctrine, History and Polity


CH549 Presbyterian Creeds

CH551 American Presbyterian History and Programs

DP504 Reformed Worship

DP505 Presbyterian Polity and Worship

Reformed Church of America

DP500 RCA Polity Administrative Leadership

DP503 RCA Standards and Creeds

United Methodist

United Methodist courses are no longer offered at Fuller Seminary, effective Fall 2014. Please contact your academic advisor for information on obtaining these courses through our partnership with United Theological Seminary and Claremont School of Theology.


As a student, it is very important to find a healthy balance of your life. You can expect to spend 10-21 hours per week on average for a class. The hours will vary, depending on the course and your personal learning style.

If you plan to work on a job while in school and have family obligations, you will want to consider balancing your course load appropriately. If you work more than 30 hours per week, we recommend that you determine with your supervisor, family and academic advisor if either one or two courses is a realistic academic goal. If you work less than 30 hours per week, speak with your academic advisor about an appropriate course load. A full time course load is considered three (4 unit) courses per quarter.

There may be times when it is just best to take the quarter off of your academic study, and that is usually okay. However, speak with your academic advisor to plan for any possible long-term consequences for taking time off school.

Taking Classes in the Quarter System

Fuller Seminary offers classes in a quarter system. A quarter typically consists of 10-week classes with one additional week for finals, totalling 11 weeks. If you are used to a semester system, it may take one or two quarters to adjust your rhythm of study habits.

Classes are offered in different formats, and these formats may vary given the academic quarter and campus location. Please check with your academic advisor if you have any concerns about the compatibility between your learning style and the format of a course you desire or need to take.

Evening and Weekend Course Options:

Our Seven Regional Campuses offer evening and weekend courses every quarter. To see how these courses fit into your degree completion plan contact the campus advisor for questions regarding specific course rotations.

The Pasadena Campus offers night classes for students who prefer or need to take classes in the evening in a classroom setting. For more information, view our Pasadena Night Class Rotation Schedule.

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