Transfer Credit

For many students, Fuller is not the first or only institution from which they have earned or plan to earn master's-level units. To evaluate whether or not your units qualify for a transfer credit evaluation, please answer the below questions:

  • Did I earn a B- or better (or pass a pass/fail only course) in the credits i want to transfer?
  • Are the units I want to transfer masters level?
  • Will the units I want to transfer be no older than 10-years-old when I graduate from Fuller?
  • Are the units I want to transfer accredited?
  • Are the units theological or missiological in nature?

If you answered NO to any one of these questions, we're sorry, but Fuller cannot consider your course(s) for a transfer credit evaluation.

If you are UNSURE about one or more questions, please contact your academic advisor for clarification.

If your answer is YES to all of the above questions, contact your academic advisor for the next steps of our transfer credit evaluation process.

The maximum amount of units allowed to be transferred into a degree are as follows:

Degree Amount of transfer credits*
MDiv 2/3 of degree
MAT 2/3 of degree
MATM 2/3 of degree
MAICS 2/3 of degree

* The actual number of units of a student's transfer credit may significantly vary from the maximum allowed based on the total units to be transferred, availability in the curriculum, and any practicum or internship requirements needed.

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