Retaking Classes

Per Fuller policy, classes cannot be retaken to replace a grade or improve a GPA. If a class was previously failed, the class may be retaken. Note that the "F" grade will remain on your transcript. The passing grade counts toward course completion and degree progression. Please refer to the Student Handbook under "Academic Policies" and then "Grades" to review this policy.

Duplicate Classes

Certain courses as Fuller are allowed to be taken more than once. For example, New Testament exegesis classes (in Greek or English texts) and Old Testament exegesis classes may be taken more than once if the courses cover two different books (e.g. NE506 Matthew and NE506 Romans). Student who meet the prerequisites may take PR511 Preaching Practicum up to two times for a total of 4 units of MIN2 credit.

Non-English Classes

Fuller offers a large amount of courses in the languages of Korean and Spanish. Courses are available on the Pasadena, Menlo Park, and Houston campuses, and a number of courses are also available online. These courses are uniquely designed to equip leaders serving Korean-speaking and Spanish-speaking communities around the world. If you are not directly admitted into either of these programs and have master's-level competency for theological training in either of these languages, you are more than welcome to participate in a language evaluation to satisfy the language prerequisite for these courses. We explain how you can do this process below.

Courses in Korean

Students who desire to take classes in Korean must be screened by the Korean Studies advisor for master's students in Pasadena. Written permission must be obtained and submitted to your academic advisor for the necessary language prerequisite override.

Courses in Spanish

Students who desire to take classes in Spanish must be screened by the academic advisor who serves the Center for the Hispanic Church and Community (HCC). Students will be allowed to take classes if they meet the following criteria:

  • Pass an oral evaluation when you meet the HCC advisor
  • Choose one of the three options below:
    • Submit transcript evidence of an undergraduate or a master's degree in Spanish language.
    • Provide sample of published work.
    • Submit an acceptable 10-20 page writing sample (research paper, chapter of a book or thesis, conference paper or article).

Exam Proctoring

As a student, there may be an occasion that you need an exam proctored. For example, if you need to reschedule your course exam, if you are in an individualized distance learning class with a midterm or final exam, or if you intend to take one of Fuller's available course waiver exams, you will need someone to proctor your exam.

If you are in a current course and need to take an exam early or later than the scheduled test, you must first contact your professor for your options to retake the exam and find a qualified exam proctor. For all exams, please follow the directions below to schedule a time to take your exam.

Online Students: Contact your academic advisor for information on finding a proctor for your exam.

Regional Campus Students: Contact your academic advisor for information on the exam proctoring process for your campus.

Pasadena Campus Students: Please view the Pasadena Exam Proctoring Form to schedule your exam time at the Academic Advising Office in Pasadena.

Emergency Situations

If you find yourself in a unique situation that impacts your course registration or academic performance, please contact your academic advisor immediately. Your academic advisor will be able to help you make an informed decision on the next step to take, which can prevent possible further complications when action is delayed.
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