Event Calendars

Fuller uses Google Calendar to promote internal and external events so that different populations have access to the information as easily, quickly, and portably as possible. These calendars are published to Portico on the Student, Employee, and Faculty tabs. Students and employees are automatically subscribed to their respective calendars when they begin with Fuller. Any individual can also subscribe to these calendars of their own accord.

To put your event on the event calendars:

  1. Determine the population you are trying to reach. If your event is open to anyone, put it on a campus' respective event calendar. If it's only students in a specific school, it should go on that school's student event calendar. The list of available calendars and audiences is listed below.
  2. Contact the person from your department or divisional area that has authoring permission.
  3. Give your event a short but informative name. ["Lecture Title" by Speaker] is appropriate but ["Lecture Title: Subtitle" by Speaker] is often too long.
  4. Utilize the "details" field for an event to put expanded and additional information, especially a URL for further information if one exists as well as contact information if a viewer has questions.

Below is the list of calendars. Contact Eric Jessen [626.584.5258] if you have questions about gaining access to edit any of them.

Academic Events
Events from the Provost's Office Academic Calendar that are related to the start and end of each quarter, quarterly exams, etc.

Alumni Events
Events that are only open to Fuller alumni.

Campus Events

Events from each campus that are open to all members of the Fuller population (students, employees, alumni/ae) such as Festival of Beginnings, Chapel, etc.

Employee Events
Events that are only open to current Fuller employees, such as T-Time, Faculty/Staff Awards, and Employee Benefits Fair.
Faculty Events (not public)
Events for all faculty, including those on the Academic Calendar such as due dates for grades and reserve book lists.

Dates the seminary is closed and employees are paid.

Paycheck dates and due dates for time cards/vacation submissions.

Registrar Events
Events from the Provost's Office Academic Calendar that are related to Registrar activities like drop dates and percentage reimbursement dates.
SIS Student Events
Events open only to SIS students.

SOP Student Events
Events open only to SOP students.

SOT Student Events
Events open only to SOT students.

Student Life Events
Events open to all students (but only students).
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