Video Service Level Agreement


The purpose of this document is to outline and explain the video services available to the Fuller community through the C&M Video Team. By clarifying the capabilities and limitations of the C&M Video Team to the Fuller community, we hope that this information will lead to greater client understanding of - and satisfaction with - our services.


The C&M Video Team provides a professional and accountable services in High Definition video recording and post production that capture and deliver messages aligned with Fuller Seminary’s missions. Whether capturing a publicly noteworthy event, an interview, or a promotional video, the IMC C&M Team strives for consistency, integrity, coherence, and efficiency with Fuller branding in its final product.


  • All Fuller Academic and Administrative Departments at all Campuses
  • Fuller Board of Trustees
  • Fuller Seminary Centers and Institutes



  • Single-Camera Event Video (chapel, public lectures/conference, etc.)
  • Single-Camera Event Video with Presentation (requires video switcher)
  • Multi-Camera Event Video (high-profile event, i.e. annual lectures)

(i.e. an interview or staged recording with lighting and no audience)

  • Single-Camera Interview (closed-area with production lighting + one subject)
  • Multi-Camera Interview (closed-area w/ prod. lighting + two subjects and/or presentation)
  • Other Special Video Recording Needs (campus virtual tours, promotional shoots, etc.)
  • Post-Production/Editing Services (of existing footage; Fuller must have copyrights)
  • Duplication of CDs, DVDs, or VHS conversion (must be a Fuller mission-related video)

The C&M Video Team distributes the final video product(s) on official Fuller online video channels, including:

Other distribution methods must be approved by the Executive Director. 

Media Duplication is provided for items directly related to the business of Fuller Seminary.  Content is governed by copyright laws.  We cannot duplicate copyrighted material.

The following technology support requests are NOT supported by the C&M Video Team.  These requests will be serviced separately by Technology Support Services department:

  • video projection
  • audio recordings
  • sound system support
  • Polycom video conferencing



  • ALL VIDEO REQUESTS must be submitted through the Reserve Technology Form, which can be found at
  • The Client is required to submit a request AT LEAST 14 DAYS PRIOR to the start of the project.  As the C&M Video Team’s production schedule fills up quickly, projects are scheduled on a “first-come, first-served” basis through the Reserve Technology Form above.
  • Changes to the request within 14 days of the scheduled project are subject to availability of equipment and staff, and may not be fulfilled.
  • Details of the project's technical needs must be finalized and discussed with a Video Editor at least three days prior to the event. For more complex projects, earlier finalization will be advantageous to everyone.
  • Communicate with a Video Editor before the start of the project if there is a specific deadline when the final product needs to be completed and distributed.
  • Additions or changes to the video recording request on the day of the event will most likely not be fulfilled (i.e. adding PowerPoint recording to a single-camera event)
  • For full-day video projects, the Client is required to either provide a meal for the Video technicians or to allow a 1-hour break every 4 hours for his/her government-mandated meal break.
  • For event videography, the Client is responsible for printing and acquiring the presenter’s signature on the Presentation Release Form.  For legal liability purposes, we cannot distribute or release footage of your event unless this form has been signed by the presenter(s) which appear on camera.  You may download the form here.
  • Client (the sponsoring department) must provide a single point of contact to the C&M Video Team. However, we will be happy to communicate directly with the technical personnel from any outside groups when needed.
  • Client must communicate any special event dress code expectations to the C&M Video Team.
  • If a C&M Video Editor does not contact you within 5 days of your request submission, you are responsible to contact C&M to secure video recording services for your event.


  • The C&M Video Team will provide high quality video products and services with courtesy and assist Clients to achieve their video-related goals.
  • Within 48 hours of the Reserve Technology Form submission, a C&M Video Editor will contact the Client to discuss the details of project and come up with a video solution, customized to meet his/her specific needs.
  • The C&M Video Editor assigned to a project will coordinate and provide leadership over the production and post-production process based on discussions with the Client.
  • The C&M Video Editor will present the completed product for the Client’s approval before final distribution and will make reasonable adjustments. Only two rounds of revisions will be allowed per project.
  • The C&M Video Editor will provide a reasonable turnaround schedule and expected delivery date, based on the delivery timetable below and the workload of the studio.
  • All videos created by the C&M Video Team will follow the Fuller video style guide which is aligned with Fuller’s visual branding.
  • The Executive Director reserves the right to deny project requests which do not fulfill the criteria of Fuller’s mission or those which are outside of the scope of the C&M Video Team resources.


The C&M Video Team will strive to deliver the final video product within the following timetables (beginning at the completion of the event recording):

One-Hour Single-Camera Live-Event Video 2 business days
Two-Hour Single-Camera Live-Event Video
3 business days
One-Hour Single-Camera Live-Event Video w/PowerPoint2 business days
One-Hour Multi-Camera Live-Event Video 3 business days
Two-Hour Multi-Camera Live-Event Video 3 business days
Four-Hour Multi-Camera Live-Event Video4 business days
Full-Day (Eight-Hour) Multi-Camera Live-Event Video 5 business days
One-Hour Single-Camera Interview 2 business days
One-Hour Multi-Camera Interview 3 business days
Post-Production/Editing Services
Duplication of CDs and DVDs 
Other Special Video Recording Needs
Case-by-case basis

PLEASE NOTE: These are only estimates and may be adjusted depending on the complexity of the project and workload of production schedule. 


For Promotional Videography:

  • Preferred Pasadena Campus Locations:
    • Travis Auditorium
    • 250 Madison Building, Lower Level Atrium
    • 250 Madison Building, 2nd floor conference room
    • Payton 101
  • Fuller Non-Pasadena Campuses (pending approval from Executive Director)
  • Other Locations (only with approval from Executive Director). We do NOT recommend recording in faculty and administration offices due to final product quality issues.   

For Event Videography:

  • Fuller Pasadena Campus (Travis Auditorium, Payton 101, etc.)
  • Fuller non-Pasadena Campuses (with approval from IMC Executive Director)
  • Off Campus (in Pasadena): University Club, Women's Club, First Congregational Church, Westin Hotel, First United Methodist Church of Pasadena
  • Other Locations (only with approval from Executive Director)


Hours of Operation:
Video Production Hours: Monday-Saturday 8:00am-10:00pm
Administrative Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
Sunday events are not normally supported. However, for mission critical events we will commit to a best effort at providing support.

This document will be reviewed and revised (as needed) and on a mandatory annual basis. Regular assessment will be made of the quality of our services by means of surveys randomly applied throughout the year. Problems and/or conflicts may first be directed to TJ Lee, Project Coordinator for C&M. Final arbitration of disputes will be conducted at the discretion of the Executive Director, Joyce Hiendarto.

(626) 584-5200
(800) 235-2222
135 N. Oakland Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91182