FE 1: Part-Time Church Internship

Your FE1 MDiv requirement is a three-quarter internship in a church setting. 

This internship is designed to give students a supervised and evaluated pastoral experience in the local church, while providing a foundation for guided theological reflection, integration, and ministry formation. 

The internship course has three primary components: ministry practice, supervision, and theological reflection.

Read through the FE501 Expanded Course Description for a description of the course requirements.

Course Assignments:

  • Orientation to Theological Reflection
  • Learning Agreement completed by you and your supervisor 
  • At least ten hours of supervised ministry per week for three quarters
  • Specific internship responsibilities agreed upon by you, your supervisor, and Field Education 
  • One hour per week of ministry reflection with your supervisor
  • Leadership case study based on a challenging ministry experience in your internship
  • Participation in a weekly Theological Reflection Group during the second quarter (FE501B)
  • Quarterly evaluations from you and your supervisor
  • Two Ministry Enrichment Seminars during the three-quarter internship 
  • Two meetings with your Field Education Advisor throughout your internship 

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