Vision and Mission

Field Ed Team

The Field Education and Ministry Formation Team (Left to Right: Kyle Oesch, Barb Choy, Gwen Ingram, Ingrid Melendez, and Dan Brockway).

Our VISION is for students to become Christian leaders who are culturally aware, spiritually mature, and missionally engaged reflective practitioners.

Our MISSION is to partner with students as they seek to grow as faithful, effective, and reflective Christian leaders through immersion in practical ministry contexts.

Fuller Seminary's Field Education Program has one fundamental purpose: to support the development of students in becoming effective ministers for Jesus Christ.

We fulfill this purpose by: helping students to discern their vocational calling and ministry focus; aiding students in developing an operating theology to undergird their ministry practice; improving the competency of students and growth in attitudes necessary for effective ministry; empowering students to express their faith in service to Jesus Christ, the Church, and the world; and committing ourselves to the spiritual formation of our students.

Upon completion of the Field Education and Ministry Formation course, students will be able to affirm the following:
  1. I have grown in my ability to engage in theological reflection by having regular opportunities to think critically about ministry in light of the Christian tradition.
  2. I have deepened my understanding of the cultural context of ministry by immersing myself in a specific context and regularly reflecting with my supervisor on the connection between context and ministry.
  3. I have developed toward becoming a spiritually mature and accountable practitioner by reflecting with my peers in a theological reflection group and with my supervisor in my internship on the connection between my faith and my ministry. 
  4. I have become a better Christian leader by having many opportunities to practice the responsibilities of ministry throughout my internship.
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