Transfers and Changing Leases within Fuller Housing

As a current resident if you would like to transfer within Fuller housing, login to your account and fill out a transfer application. Do not fill out a new resident application. Click here to login

If a resident transfers units within Fuller Housing the first request is free. Each following transfer carries a $100.00 administrative charge. In addition to the following logistics:

  • Rent will be pro-rated on the date of move-out from the old unit to the date of move-in at the new location.
  • Proper charges and credits will be applied to their housing account.
  • Renter will be charged for unreturned keys.
  • All new charges should be paid upon signing of the new lease.

Any changes made to the lease once it has been created (lease start date, unit, etc.) will be subject to a $100 administrative fee and/or loss of your $600 deposit.



If you would like to have a roommate, it is your responsibility to find an eligible Fuller student of the same sex to room with you. We do not find a roommate for you. To aid you in your search, a Roommate List containing the names and information of students desiring roommates is available within your online Housing account.

To utilize the list, you must agree to share your contact information so that it can be included on the list and allow other students to contact you. You can also fill out your personal profile (i.e. study and cleaning habits, etc.) to facilitate the search.


If you and another student agree to become roommates, both of you must contact the Housing Office in order to inform us of the match. The process of receiving offers will then begin.


Click here for Guide-Light: Roommate pamphlet (PDF)


Fuller residents are allowed to sublet their apartments while away for a maximum of one quarter only under the following conditions:

• A copy of this Sublease Agreement must be submitted to and approved by the Director of Housing Services and Residential Community.

• Fuller Housing will not be held liable for any damages to the apartment or personal property of either the resident of the sublessee.

• It is suggested by the Housing Office that the Resident take a deposit from the sublessee.

• Sublessee must pay rent directly to the Resident and the Resident is responsible for paying rent to the Housing Office. Sublessee should not pay rent directly to the Housing Office. The resident will be held responsible for any unpaid rent on the apartment.

Sublessee must be a current Fuller student. We suggest that you speak to references in regard to the character and background of the sublessee as we will not assume any responsibility or liability for the subleasing contract or any financial loss resulting from the contract.

* Fuller students are eligible to sublease a Fuller student housing unit up to 4 times over the course of their program. Any housing/maintenance requests must be requested by the leaseholder, not by the sublessee.

Please download the Sublease Agreement (PDF) here.


Moving In

1. Contact your Community Coordinator

Contact your CC before you arrive so that s/he may welcome you upon your arrival and assist you with picking up your keys and/or moving in. If you are arriving when the Housing Office is closed, your CC will need to pick up your keys during normal business hours. Please be sure to communicate with your CC about this, do not assume it will be done for you. Click here to find your CC.

2. Be A Good Neighbor

Show consideration for your neighbors by keeping walkways and common areas clear of clutter, children's toys/play items and boxes. Observe quiet hours and dispose of your trash properly (put recyclables and non-recyclables in the proper receptacles). Have questions, ask your CC.

3. Register Car for Parking

If you are bringing a vehicle and will need parking, be sure to check with your CC to make sure parking is available and where your parking will be. You will need to register your car with the Housing Office. Upon confirmation with your CC, the Housing Office will issue a parking permit sticker/hanging tag.

It is illegal to park overnight without a permit on most Pasadena streets; you will need to contact the City of Pasadena regarding parking permits. For information on parking regulations and enforcement, call the Pasadena Transportation Division at (626) 744-6440.

4. Set Up Utilities

Unless the Housing Office informed you that gas and/or electricity charges are included in your rent, you need to call the utility companies to have the existing accounts for your unit put in your name.

If the accounts are not transferred to your name within the first 10 days of occupancy, your bills will be sent to Fuller Housing and you will be charged $50/month in addition to your billed charges until the accounts are put in your name.

International Students can use their passport in lieu of social security number.


Pasadena Water and Power, (626) 744-4005
100 N. Garfield Avenue, Room 121
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7am-7pm, Sat. 8am-4 pm

A deposit may be required as well as a connection fee. There is a special assistance program for low-income households. Your social security number, driver's license number, date of birth, complete address (including zip code) and phone number are required. If you do not know or have all of these, you may be asked to go to their office in person.


The Gas Company, (800) 427-2200
Korean speaking specialist (800) 427-0471
1214 E. Green Street
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm.
Non-refundable $25 set-up charge

Deposit varies based on location. Your social security number, driver's license number, date of birth, complete address (including zip code), phone number and the name of the nearest cross street are required. Also, let them know that the meter is accessible.

* No Gas Service for Chang @261, 271, 281, & 291 N. Madison.


AT&T (800) 310-2355
Call Center for non-English speaking (800) 203-8600
Call Center for Korean speaking (800) 300-6657
(Plan on about 30 minutes to set up a new account)

There is an initial fee plus plan rate. Special Universal Lifeline Telephone Service available for low-income households. Purchase monthly telephone maintenance insurance plan because Fuller Housing is not responsible for telephone wiring in and out of your unit. Your social security number, driver's license number, date of birth, and complete address (including zip code) are required. If you do not have a social security number or driver's license, you will need to go to the branch office for a positive identification check after setting up the account.

FRONT GATE INTERCOM: Chang Commons and Koinonia residents may have a local phone number programmed to their front gate intercom in order to provide visitors access. Please contact the Building Services office (626-584-5546) to have this setup for you.

* For Chang Only @ 261, 271, 281, & 291 N. Madison.
For TELEPHONE & INTERNET service ONLY contact:
AT&T representative
For DSL, Telephone & Satellite TV service contact:
AT&T / DISH representative 1-877-865-1560

!! It is your responsibility to put your electricity, gas and/or telephone accounts in your name and have the bills sent directly to you unless otherwise directed by Fuller Housing. Fees listed are subject to change without notice. !!

6. International Student Support

Whether you are coming here straight from your homeland or have been here as a permanent resident, you need to be cleared by International Student Office (ISO).

Contact ISO at (626) 584-5396 or


Deposit Refund: Your cleaning deposit cannot be applied toward rent. Pro-rated rent amounts must be paid by the first of the month and no later than the tenth of the month to avoid a late fee charge. If your move-out charges are less than your deposit, the remaining amount will be refunded to you in the form of a check. The check will be mailed to you at your forwarding address, within three (3) weeks after you have moved out and all keys, etc. have been returned. Fuller Housing will withhold transcripts and diplomas until the remaining balance is PAID IN FULL. If full payment is not received within 60 days after move-out, credit reporting agencies will be notified and your credit will be adversely affected.

1. 30-Day Notice (MOST IMPORTANT!)

You are required by law to give Fuller a minimum of 30 days written notice prior to moving out of your apartment. If you do not, you will be charged for the apartment for a period of 30 days after Fuller is notified, in writing, that you are going to move out or, by turning in keys, that you have moved out.

30-day notice forms are available at the Housing Office. The notice is effective from the day the rental office receives it and may not be changed unless this has not been filled by a future tenant.

If your rent is processed on automatic payment and a pro-rated amount will be due, inform the Housing Office before the first of the month to adjust your automatic charge. If arrangements are not made with the Housing Office, your full rent may be charged.

Roommate Situation: The roommate(s) remaining must sign a Roommate Waiver form (one per person). This waiver form releases you from any responsibility of the unit and will expedite your deposit refund. In roommate situations, a move out inspection is generally not done unless requested to do so.

2. Forwarding Address

Fuller Housing: Your deposit (if any) will be refunded within 3 weeks of moving out. Please give the Housing office a forwarding address or make arrangements to personally pick up the refund check.

U.S. Postal Service | 800-275-8777: Complete a "change-of-address" from online or in person to avoid delayed or lost mail.

3. Transfer Utilities

Transfer gas and electricity back into Fuller's name. Do not have the service shut off.

Electrical Services:

Pasadena Water and Power | 626.744.4005
Southern California Edison Company | 800.684.8123

Gas Service: Southern California Gas Company | 800.427.2200

4. Clean Your Apartment

As indicated in your lease, you are required to leave your unit in the same condition, as it was when you moved in. Normal wear and tear is taken into consideration. Here are a few suggestions to avoid any damage or cleaning charges:

q DUST thoroughly in corners, above doors, etc.
q SCRUB inside and outside of stove, oven, removing grease.
q CLEAN OUT and WIPE refrigerator and freezer.
q SCRUB kitchen sink and counters.
q VACUUM carpet and MOP linoleum
q CLEAN and DISINFECT bathroom thoroughly
q WASH mirrors and accessible windows
q WIPE DOWN light fixtures, appliances, etc.
q CLEAN smudges off doors, walls, switches, etc.
q REMOVE everything that does not belong to Fuller (i.e. furniture, food, trash, etc.)

DO NOT LEAVE trash or boxes in the common area of your community, including the front sidewalk. You will be charged for the removal of these items.

5. Return Your Keys

To avoid additional fees, move out on time and turn in your key card(s), mailbox key, garage door opener on or before your move-out date. Charges will be assessed if your keys are not returned by 12 am (midnight) on your move-out date. Charges (subject to change) are $50 for a lock change if keys are not returned, $50 for each apartment, complex/gate key or access card, $50 for each mailbox key, $50 for each hanging parking permit, and $50 for each gate opener.

Return all items personally to the Housing Office. Do not give them to the next resident, your roommate/neighbor or to the Community Coordinator. If you will need to return these items when our office is closed, please seal your items in an envelope noted with your name, your Fuller address and the return date. The envelope may be placed in the Student Services Center (SSC) drop box located to the left of the Madison front entrance.

Please remember your security deposit is not to be considered your last month's rent. Your account must be current when you move out.

(626) 584-5200
(800) 235-2222
135 N. Oakland Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91182