Is Fuller A Good Place for Presbyterian Students?

Fuller's faculty includes professors across the seminary who are either ordained ministers or members of Presbyterian congregations. Meet our Presbyterian faculty here. They represent a solid core of Reformed theology in the fundamental disciplines of biblical studies, church history, and systematic theology. At the same time, Fuller is a place of remarkable diversity, drawing students from around the world and at least 80 different church traditions. Fuller offers Presbyterian students an outstanding education in the Reformed tradition at what is arguably the most ecumenical seminary in America.

Presbyterians comprise the largest segment of denominational traditions among both students and faculty at Fuller. For several years, more PC(USA) students have attended Fuller than any other seminary. Fuller and the Office of Presbyterian Ministries cordially welcome students from the Covenant Order of Presbyterians (ECO), Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), Presbyterian Church of America (PCA), Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC), Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK), Korean Presbyterian Church in America (KPCA), and Korean American Presbyterian Church (KAPC) students as well.

Fuller offers master's and doctoral degree programs through three schools-the School of Intercultural Studies (formerly School of World Mission), School of Psychology, and School of Theology-and students preparing for pastoral ministry are encouraged to take classes in all three schools. This interdisciplinary curriculum produces women and men who bring to the church a remarkable set of skills.

What kind of relationship does Fuller have with Presbyterian Seminaries?

Fuller enjoys a collegial relationship with PC(USA) seminaries. The Committee on Theological Education (COTE) of the PC(USA) invites Fuller to send a representative to each of its meetings.

Is Fuller Seminary officially related to any one Presbyterian denomination?

Fuller Seminary is a multidenominational school with no official ties to any single church, Presbyterian or otherwise. Ever since the seminary's founding in 1947, however, many Fuller alumni have gone on to serve God in the PC(USA) or its predecessor. At the present time we are working to strengthen our relationships with the Covenant Order of Presbyterians, Evangelical Presbyterian Church, the various Korean Presbyterian churches, and the Presbyterian Church in America.

Are all Presbyterians welcome at Fuller?

Yes! And the Office of Presbyterian Ministries is happy to serve them all.

What courses does Fuller offer in the distinctives of the reformed tradition?

In addition to the core courses in biblical studies, church history, and systematic theology, Fuller offers four classes for Presbyterian students: CH551-American Presbyterian History and Programs; CH549-Presbyterian Creeds; DP505-Presbyterian Polity and Worship; and DP504-Reformed Worship. These classes correspond to courses required at PC(USA) seminaries.

How are Fuller students nurtured in the reformed tradition?

In addition to Fuller's course offerings, the Office of Presbyterian Ministries hosts:

· Monday morning worship gathering.

· Small groups for prayer, Bible study, and spiritual formation.

· An annual retreat program with special speakers.

· A Seminar on Fiscal Fitness with the PC(USA) Board of Pensions and a seminar on appropriate boundaries in ministry and relationships.

· Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly staff and local pastors in Pasadena each year to discuss life and issues in the Presbyterian Churches.

· Programs of spiritual formation.

How do Fuller student do in the standard ordination exams?

At the present time we have information only about students who have taken the PC(USA) exams. Fuller students do very well and rank among the top scorers.

How can our church publicize our staff openings and internships?

Copies of job descriptions and Church Information Forms should be sent to the Office of Presbyterian Ministries and to Career Services.

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