The School of Psychology
invites you to join us for our 2016 Integration Symposium
with Tanya Luhrmann, PhD

Kindling God:
How People Experience the Divine

February 17–19, 2016

About the Symposium


Faith is hard: it takes effort. How does this effort shape the way we experience God? What is the role of skilled imagination in enabling spiritual encounter? Why is the same God experienced differently in different parts of the world? These are some of questions our esteemed speaker, Stanford anthropologist Tanya Luhrmann, will address at our 2016 Integration Symposium—joined by Fuller faculty from a range of disciplines. Join us for three days of provocative discussion, learning, and networking.

Reviews of Tanya Marie Luhrmann's book “When God Talks Back”

Yet again T. M. Luhrmann investigates a puzzling phenomenon and illuminates it brilliantly. Whether you are a determined rationalist or a dedicated evangelical, you’ll be enlightened by Luhrmann’s synthesis– a worthy successor to William James’s The Varieties of Religious Experience.

–Howard Gardner, Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education, Harvard University

T. M. Luhrmann’s gift is the ability to observe and report with the eyes of both an anthropologist and a novelist. This alchemy is so evident as she makes this most extraordinary narrative exploration of faith and its manifestations in everyday American life. A lovely book and a wonderful read.

–Abraham Verghese, author of Cutting for Stone

Luhrmann is a well-qualified guide: an anthropologist specializing in esoteric faiths . . . She has addressed a subject that most other people would never touch. We should thank her.

—The New Yorker

Luhrmann's goal is ambitious, even audacious . . . An industrious undertaking [that] produced fascinating results . . . We can thank Luhrmann for for describing evangelicalism as it has always been: a potent means for awakening a personal sense of the reality, power and mercy of God.

—San Francisco Chronicle

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