The School of Psychology
invites you to join us for our 2016 Integration Symposium
with Steven Sandage, PhD

Relational Integration and Psychotherapy

February 15–17, 2017

About the Symposium


What are the key relational dynamics that can facilitate constructive change in integrating spirituality and mental health? How do the dynamics of diversity and justice play into relational approaches to psychotherapy? What implications from both trinitarian theology and trauma theology can we draw to help open space for healing and growth?

These are some of questions esteemed speaker Steven Sandage, the Albert and Jessie Danielsen Professor of Psychology of Religion at Boston University, will address at our 2017 Integration Symposium on relational integration and psychotherapy—joined by Fuller faculty members from a range of disciplines who will offer their responses and engage in dialogue. Join us for three days of provocative discussion, learning, and networking.

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